Health Tips for Relocation Adjustment Everyone has a right to move to a better place to find the happiness. Sometimes, you will follow your spouse to another site or country to get a new challenge on job, business development, family tasks or project. We call it “Relocation”.

Relocation will be fun and make your family happy if you can keep your mind and health in nature. These factors are very important things to you and your family.

Most Difficult Factors

1. You have to adjust to your family to a new environment, family, children’s education and may be also for spouse career or work.

2. Another aspects are you will miss like friends and family you left, climate and culture, neighborhood,  Role in society and social network.

Cultural Adaptations

1.  Cultural Shock

The differences you find in new environment would impact in your life. Some negative effects such as feeling isolated, confused, anger, sadness, discontent or incompetent.

2. Initial Euphoria

Some of you will feel excited, stimulated or curios to something new. People with outgoing or open minded personality  will receive it as a pleasure.

3. Environment Adjustment

New culture, people  and place to be understood , make you relaxed and finally confident to you and your family and becoming more familiar with these situations. Growing experience is nice to be coped.

4. Adaptations

Enjoyment of new customs is really a long process. Ability to adapt and realization to adjust with everything new is to reverse culture shock.

Health Tips for  Relocation Adjustment

Many factors will contribute to this adaptation and each person has different reaction for example for personality type, previous experience,  social-economic condition, educational level, familiarity of language and so on.

Stress level and problem solving will run together in initial time but there are some tricks and tips to ease the stress and increase your health like:

– Maintain of your humor to your family, friend and your new colleague.

– Keep a healthy diet and exercise with enough rest.

– Focus on positive things and something that needs creative.

– Learn the language to improve communication with your family and also the host country.

– Strong ties with relatives and friend via email, telephone, SMS,  facebook or another social networking.

– Run your hobbies like games or funny activities.

– Set a new support systems, share the feeling and also thoughts.

– Do not hesitate to consult to your Doctor if any problems to your health and your family.

To face the new challenge, it’s recommended to undergo the Medical Check-up to know that you are really healthy in Relocation Adjustment Process.

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