Pelvic Pain in Women ImagePelvic pain is commonly suffered by women or mothers compared than men. There are 2 type of pelvic pains. The first is “Acute”. You will feel very painful in short time. Your Doctor will do operation because of acute pain.

The second type is “Chronic”. Your pain is moderate and last longer. Sometimes the pain will increase gradually. Anything you suffered, medical test and treatment should be done to cure your pelvic problem causes. This goal is to eliminate any serious disease and finally to be permanently.

Doctors will do several diagnostic tools before deciding to treat you (therapy proces) because there are several organs in pelvic area that influence the causes and symptoms of pelvic pain in women.

Medical hystory of patient, physical examination and complete diagnostic tests are fully considered before therapy process started.

Diagnostic Tools for Pelvic Pain in Women

There are various examinations for pelvic pain like X-ray examinations, Abdominal and Pelvic ultrasound, laboratory analysis, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), Pelvic CT-Scan, Coloon Inloop and so on.

Common Causes of Pelvic Pain in Women

1. Reproductive System

Many problems can be detected from reproductive system in women like ovarial cyst, uterine tumor, cervix cancer, loss of pregnancy, endometriosis, uterine fibroid, menstrual cramps, sexual intercourse pain/irritation, ovary pain, etc.

2. Urinary System

Some causes from urinary tract such as cystitis,  inflammatory diseases, ureteral stone, partial obstruction, kidney’s problem that impacted to pelvic organs, etc.

3. Lower Abdomen Cavity / Intestine system

Common causes from this area that impacted to pelvic pain in women for example appendicitis, constipation, lower colon’s problems, ulcerative colitis,  colon cancer sigmoid varicous, pelvic tumor, etc.

If the right diagnosis was found, it’s better to choose the right Specialist to do therapy like:

– Reproductive system problem to see Genaecologist.

– Intestine/abdominal area to see Internist.

– Urinary system problem to see Urologist.

The reasons why you choose the right Specialist to treat your pelvic pain problem due to:

1. To shorten time of medication.

2. To decrease much budget with un-relevant examinations.

3. To eliminate the side effects of normal organs that affected by medication and treatment.

Some Treatments of Pelvic Pain in Women

The treatment is of course depend on the problems. Simple medications are used like anti-inflammation, antibiotic for pelvic infection, anti-depressants, exercises, muscle relaxant, nerve blocks and heat therapies, physio therapy, alternative system up to surgery procedure (hysterectomy).

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