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Endoscopy is A Vital Information Diagnostic Tool

What to know about Endoscopy ToolEndoscopy is one of the useful and important tools to diagnose and treat many diseases and abnormalities of the patient’s problems. This tool is very effective way to fulfill the needs of Doctor’s jobs.

For patients, Endoscopy procedure is uncomfortable and little bit pain during examination. So, they must be relax and do not afraid to face the procedure. Nurse and Doctor will tell the patient what they do up to the procedures have been done.

Below are the cases which covered well by Endoscopy:

– Esophagus area up to stomach.

– Small intestine until colon region.

– Abdominal cavity up to fallopian tubes

– Urinary tract and pelvic projections.

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GallBladder Abnormality without Stone Inside

Gall-bladder Problem with no stone insideGall bladder is the small organ that located down of the liver which holding the bile to remove water and also to decrease the pH less than 7. The contour of this organ is like pear about 8 cm in diameter. Gall bladder can construct base on the fat digestion.

Gall stones is also called Cholelithiasis that caused by cholesterol build-up with addition of calcium bilirubate. It’s vulnerable attacked due to inflammation process.

The problems of gallbladder are not only from stone but also from other diseases like:

Cholecystitis : The inflammatory process within the gall bladder or bile duct

– Gall bladder can suffer from diseases because of fairly dry inside due to an age, diabetes, pregnancy stage, pancreatitis/pancreas problems, chirrocis, obesity factor and hormonal contraception.

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