Health Bad Effects of SmokingSmoking is one of the ways to get fun and getting away from life problems. Awareness of its risk is very good thing. Many lifestyle diseases increase due to the addicted of smoking users.

Smoking and cancer is very close relationship. Many body organs are from smoking bad effects and causes cancer on your mouth, larynx. esophagus, blood, lung, stomach, kidneys, cervix, throat and also the bladder.

Please be noted that smoking effects are also affects for your appearance such as: yellow eyes, bad breath, hollowed cheeks, smelly cloths, yellow teeth, smelly hair, early wrinkles, hair loss, tooth loss and graying skin. If your job related to your best appearance, to be smoker is not the good choice.

Besides of negative effects above, smoking is also can make some disease such as:

–         High cholesterol : it can be explained as smoking can decrease good cholesterol and increase bad cholesterol.

–         Diabetes : bad effects of smoking causes lack of sport and exercises and any resistance to insulin.

–         Respiratory tract disease:  lung and chest are the most affected area of smoking that leads to COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Cancer can also attack the lung.

–         Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) : Smoking impacts can cause of high heart rate, make narrowing of blood vessels and influence of low oxygen levels.

–         Cardiovascular disease or heart attack : The blood vessel damaged because of smoking. Stroke and other diseases can increase.

–         Smoking can cause of lack energy and make difficulty of breathing and finally make you obesity.

You have to quit as soon as possible. Some positive impact that you grab more is on spending money, energy, quality of your life and enjoyment of your eating. The other advantages are like your health and your family increase, less of chronic symptom and other infection diseases, far from smelly cloths and breath and you feel more fit and away from sickness.

Below are the real benefits if you quit from smoking:

–         The carbon monoxide contents level in your blood back to normal.

–         Heart attack possibility decreases.

–         Colds and respiratory disease is less gradually.

–         Stroke attack as low as normal people.

–         Blood pressure is back to normal.

Quit quicker from smoking is beneficial to your health and also to your family. Don’t think along before the dangerous disease attacking and influencing your happy life.


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