xray radiation shielding infoRadiation is a hazard for people health that related to any cancer or tumour and other sickness. In this moment I would like to talk about x-ray radiation which can be managed and minimized for minimal impacts purposes.

Radiation facilities are not only used by Medical field but also by industries and Public facilities like in Airport to detect anything that restricted and forbidden by Government regulations. Police and Narcotic Agency are the other Department that using x-ray radiation for special purposes.

Almost Medical Center or Hospital worldwide have radiology or x-ray facilities that using x-ray radiation for diagnostic purposes. That’s why radiation protection for x-ray patients is really concerned to make patient, family and environment safety and secured.

X-ray radiation is very useful to make important images to uphold the right diagnosis from broken bones and dislocation, surgery or operation monitoring, foreign body, osteoporosis checking, medical check-up purposes and other useful functions after objects exposed with and processed by Digital Radiography.

Radiation shielding in x-ray room are complete such us apron, thyroid shield, gonad shield and control table setting. Walls and doors of x-ray room is also protected with anti-x-ray materials like Pb or lead and cannot be interrupted by x-ray radiation with at least 2 mm of thickness.

All medical diagnostic devices that exist in the x-ray room is supported by ample radiation protection. Expert (X-Ray Technician and Radiologist) and Nuclear Agency of Government Official have work together to set and install of x-ray and diagnostic devices in secured conditions.

After all requirements are fulfilled by Hospital or Clinics, they will release License. Every 2-3 years later will be calibrated and checked to make everything is always safe for everyone.

The most important thing of radiation shielding room is covered by lead bricks that extremely strong product. Lead is a good product and easy to cut and modified by X-ray Technician for special needs in x-ray room. This product is also soft and highly corrosive resistant.

All walls, corner and doors are covered by lead (2mm of minimal thickness) to ensure the staff, patients and environment are really safe and there is no harmful radiation leakages at all. Lead is also secured products window glass and apron.


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