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Handle Chest trauma causes and symptomsChest trauma is categorized as severe injury and of course needs medical emergency because it becomes serious problems.

Chest area is covered by strong cage is known as ribs. It can protect the most important organ inside like heart and respiratory system.

Most of injury will attack of ribs. So it can be mentioned as rib trauma. Many people don’t know much about chest trauma in detailed related to its cause, symptoms or how to treat it properly. Following is the medical information to answer the questions.

Below are the Causes of chest trauma:

– Vehicle accident due to street, sport and playing activities.

– Any foreign body penetration or infiltration to the chest area.

– Chest wall bruises that influences of ribs soft tissue injury.

– Ribs fracture or broken by any causes of injury like sport accident.

– Lung and heart contusions.

– Physical trauma of the chest

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Important Information of Mother Health

Mother health important informationBecome a mother has changed whole of her life that she has never imagined before. The first step of your task is to manage and control of your health.

Actually it’s a wonderful experience for mother to feel and take everything like:

– Handling her children starting baby up to growing to adult and keep them healthy not just physically but also mentally.

– Bringing them up to environment stability until emotionally mature.

– Keeping mother herself in healthy and wellness issue for many years.

– Having step by step programs for your next generation.

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What is the Function of Radiotherapy?

radiotherapy informationMost patients know about radiology or x-ray but it’s a little understood about radiotherapy. Almost x-ray is used as diagnostic tools in Medical Centers such as conventional x-ray, CT-Scan, mammography, dental x-ray, panoramic and other examinations tests.

Radiotherapy is an energy x-ray that targeted to cure and kill cancer cells of specific area that harms for the patient’s body. Unharmed area will be avoided so it can minimize the negative side effects. This therapy model is more accurate than chemotherapy as cancer treatment.

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