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What is the Meaning of Medical Malpractice?

Medical Malpractice informationPerhaps one of you has felt malpractice from the Doctors. It can be mild, moderate or severe category. In this moment, I would like to explain about medical malpractice and ensuring whether your experience that mentioned before is categorized as medical malpractice or not.

Definition of medical malpractice is as negligence by Doctor or Specialist or other medical profession in the treatment or diagnosis for their patients when medical care is below of medical standard procedures of the institution so it may be categorized as malpractice.

If malpractice occurred to the victim or patient family, they must get ample compensation depend on the Government regulation or authorized institution. Every patient must understand well about medical procedure that listed by medical institution.

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xray radiation shielding infoRadiation is a hazard for people health that related to any cancer or tumour and other sickness. In this moment I would like to talk about x-ray radiation which can be managed and minimized for minimal impacts purposes.

Radiation facilities are not only used by Medical field but also by industries and Public facilities like in Airport to detect anything that restricted and forbidden by Government regulations. Police and Narcotic Agency are the other Department that using x-ray radiation for special purposes.

Almost Medical Center or Hospital worldwide have radiology or x-ray facilities that using x-ray radiation for diagnostic purposes. That’s why radiation protection for x-ray patients is really concerned to make patient, family and environment safety and secured.

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