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SOP of Abdominal x-ray for adult patientWe admitted that chest x-ray is the often radiological test. Besides that, abdominal x-ray is also important to be known especially for new visitors and new x-ray patients.

The purpose of knowing SOP of abdominal x-ray as follows:

– It’s important to minimize radiation exposure and x-ray repetition by X-Ray Technician.

– To avoid miscommunication between patient and Radiographer.

– You should understand what X-ray Tech has to do.

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Info and Functions of CT-Scan

Functions of CT-ScanCT-Scan is one of the high technology diagnostic tools in the medical center which takes the images from cross-sectional of the patient’s body. This tool is the combination between using x-ray radiation exposure and computer technology to produce the sliced images of the body from lower abdomen up to head region.

In the past we call it “Computed Tomography”. It was discovered by 2 British engineers Sir Godfrey Hounsfield and Dr. Alan Cormack and then developed by Italian Radiologist in 1900s with the goal to capture the images from the body in cross-sectional projections on the film. This application then developed more sophisticated in 1970s.

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Standard Operating Procedure of Chest X-ray for Normal PatientMany people will go to Hospital or Clinic because of some reasons such as:

– Doing Medical Check-up.

– Any urgent conditions like accidents, trauma, suspect fracture or dislocation, chest pain, short of birth and so on.

– To cure any diseases or abnormalities like surgery and operation.

– To find second opinion for medical matters.

– To do some diagnostic and laboratory examinations.

– Any program of Clinic Tour.

– Health consultations.

– To buy Medical kits like First Aid Kits, Burning Emergency Kits, Traveler’s Kits and so on.

– Doing medical and health training programs for example Occupational Health Program, First Aid Training and so on.

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