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Information about cardiovascular diseaseYou should aware about the causes, treatment and the prevention of this disease because it’s categorized as emergency situation.

If you don’t take care appropriately, it would be a dangerous situation for your life. In this post I will explain more detail information about cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular disease is also known as CVD is diseases group that related with heart and circulation that involving the role of atherosclerosis. This condition causes of reduced blood flow within arteries. CVD is caused by this condition.

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Awareness of Health Effects of Smoking

Health Bad Effects of SmokingSmoking is one of the ways to get fun and getting away from life problems. Awareness of its risk is very good thing. Many lifestyle diseases increase due to the addicted of smoking users.

Smoking and cancer is very close relationship. Many body organs are from smoking bad effects and causes cancer on your mouth, larynx. esophagus, blood, lung, stomach, kidneys, cervix, throat and also the bladder.

Please be noted that smoking effects are also affects for your appearance such as: yellow eyes, bad breath, hollowed cheeks, smelly cloths, yellow teeth, smelly hair, early wrinkles, hair loss, tooth loss and graying skin. If your job related to your best appearance, to be smoker is not the good choice.

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