Medical Malpractice informationPerhaps one of you has felt malpractice from the Doctors. It can be mild, moderate or severe category. In this moment, I would like to explain about medical malpractice and ensuring whether your experience that mentioned before is categorized as medical malpractice or not.

Definition of medical malpractice is as negligence by Doctor or Specialist or other medical profession in the treatment or diagnosis for their patients when medical care is below of medical standard procedures of the institution so it may be categorized as malpractice.

If malpractice occurred to the victim or patient family, they must get ample compensation depend on the Government regulation or authorized institution. Every patient must understand well about medical procedure that listed by medical institution.

Medical malpractice is in many variations like surgical mistakes, miss-diagnosis, delayed diagnosis and treatment, child birth injury, prescription and anesthesia error and so on. The following types of malpractice can be suffered by Doctor, Hospital/Clinic, Nurses, X-ray Technician, pharmacist and another medical professional.

Below is the common malpractice as follows:

–         Surgical errors

Surgical procedure is very risky and any small part of surgery is performed below the medical standard. Some of patients got serious negative effects. This error can occur from preparation until part of the procedure.

–         Diagnoses and treatment mistakes

Medical diagnosis and treatment for the patients can be wrong or under standard and produces the unexpected result.

–         Medication errors

Prescription for the patient can also be wrong with different drugs or wrong dosage. This task can be suffered by Pharmacist, Nurses or Doctors.

–         Wrongful death

Patient can die from operation, wrong medication and any under standard treatment.

–         Birth injury

Handling delivery can turn to birth injury starting from brain damage, oxygen supply shortage, baby injury and other complications.

–         Defective Drugs or medications

Sometimes the malpractice is not from internal Hospital like Doctor, Nurse or other medical health care specialist but it can be from product quality itself.

–         Anesthesia errors

Anesthesia error during surgery can be occurring by Anesthesiologist or supporting medical staff on improper of oxygen, anesthetic agent or other operation devices.

If you are the victim of malpractice, that’s better to coordinate to your Lawyer or experience medical Attorney help you get your claim or compensation. Legal process is the next step if your malpractice is complicated and need multiple recovery process.


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