CancerAll mothers or anybody will be scared and very sad if knew that one of her family member detected suffering Cancer!

Sometimes, people will ask the differentiation between Tumor and Cancer. Tumor is usually caused by inflammatory process and abnormal soft tissue growth in the body.

We mention tumor as benign Tumor and Cancer as Malignant Tumor because the cell of Cancer can be migration, invasion and mutation to other part of the body.

What is Cancer ?

Cancer is really serious condition in which cell of the body grow in uncontrolled way. Its cell is to be disorganised compared with the normal one. Until now, we still do not understand why the cell become malignant and spread from original fast.

There are some Cancer Causes:

1. Smoking for lung Cancer.

2. Ultraviolet radiation which comes from sun also causes of skin Cancer.

3. Nuclear radiation for blood and others. Why are Japanese so scared after earth quake and tsunami? Of course Nuclear radiation negative impacts on Fukushima Daichi reactor leakage.

4. Biological agents and Asbestos. Both of them can make people suffer infection, parasites and other negative complaints.

Many patients will ask about the common sites of cancer. For men are usually happen on lung, prostate, testis and pancreas. meanwhile women on breast, skin and reproductive organs. Both men and women can suffer cancer on bowel, stomach, kidneys, etc. Nowadays, Cancer is still the first leading cause of death for the humans.

You must know the Cancer Symptoms as follows:

1. Swelling skin or lump. It can be a sore but not recovered.

2. Abnormal bleeding.

3. Unreasonable weight loss.

4. Difficult of swallowing and persistent pain.

5. Other symptoms like severe coughing and not healing, etc.

Can Cancer be prevented? With multiple actions below you can avoid Cancer such as :

a. Getting active and do not smoke.

b. Keep healthy weight and limit alcohol intake.

Healthy Fruitc. Balance nutrition, diet with eat of vegetables, fish and fruits and don’t forget to take vitamins.

d. Avoid over exposed by sun after 9am and expose from radiation. Sun block is needed to protect your skin from sun radiation during swimming, daily activities, etc.

e. Vaccination! Yes for hepatitis B to avoid liver Cancer.

f. Stay relax. Yoga, meditation is something to try.

If Cancer can be detected early, it can be cured fast. I advise for mother who have age above 40 years to check with Mammography and Pap Smears annually. Breast ultrasound examination is recommended to check any abnormalities like cyst, lump, FAM, Lipoma, nodule and others. Laboratory test is also important option for Cancer Screening.

If cancer has become part in your body, I think your Doctor/ Specialist will take action to save your life for example surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, nuclear medication, etc.

I hope this article is useful for mother and her family who searching information about what cancer is and how to tame it.

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