X-rays or Radiology examination is a very important thing to diagnosis of a disease. X-ray radiation is formed from ionizing radiation which driven by electricity.

It’s not only detecting the disease or abnormality but also can be used to find the location of foreign body (Corpus Alienum) who enter through our skin or swallow through the mouth which happens by accident. This is often on our children who swallow the toys or coin. Radiological examination is also able to know the position of the bone after a crash on the street either by motorcycle accident, car, or other public transportation.

Perhaps it’s is a lucky if during your life never done X ray because it is always healthy or had experienced a minor accident but it’s no further x-ray examination. However, at least X-ray examination is performed by Medical Check-up to enter as new employees who required by company for good health.

The things that need to the patient or patient’s family if the radiology examination will be performed as follows:

  • Patient need to ask the procedure before the examination took place to the X-ray Technician so that it’s more clear and not a miss understanding (miscommunication).
  • Ask for radiation protection (apron) for a specific examination such as of the hands, legs or head.
  • Be a cooperative and relaxed to reduce a repetition effect.
  • Do not move if the exposure is being done that is marked by the instruction from the Operator. If you move and will be repeated or re-examination so that patients would be get a double exposure. Sometime, repetition is needed by the Radiographer because the x-ray image result is blurred and make The Radiologist is difficult to read.

The examples a variety of equipment, x-ray radiation protection in hospitals or clinics that are often used for patients:

Protective gear neck (thyroid shield)

Tools at the below is to protect the area of patient’s genital. Protection devices of this type containing a variety of shapes and sizes tailored to the patient’s body
A Radiographer is also using some measures to decrease a x-ray radiation effects like:

  • Using an optimal parameters / conditions for X-ray exposure. The condition is set  like setting Kilo Volt (KV), Milli Ampere (mA) and Second (S) which are listed in the control panel (Control Table).
  • Setting x-ray area (Collimator) on the examination object which requested by the Doctor.
  • Using a short of exposure time.
  • Use of apron to cover the entire body of the patient or the holder of patients during examination.
  • All medical equipment in every country must be calibrated periodically to maintain the quality of x-rays and avoid a leakage of the machine and conducted by the government as an Authorized Institution.

There are Some tips which should be noticed:

  • If you or your family or relatives which have uncooperative child / crying and need to be hold please ask for Operator to use radiation protection equipment such as aprons to avoid x-ray exposure.
  • Patient who repeated for a any reason, as told by the X-Ray Technician should not be afraid because the x-rays that doing twice or more is not making the patient sick. X-ray beam with ionizing radiation is small and not as big impact as nuclear radiation.
  • Using a radiation protection devices for radiology examinations are intended for patients or family who held the patient become more secure because a small x-ray radiation have to be minimized.
  • Based on my experience, If there are some families of patients who want to see the Radiology examination process or not holding the patient so they do not use an apron, Please.. standing behind the shielding wall which located on the control panel (Control Table). Many patients are not aware of the situation like this because the x-rays are not visible to the eye and not feeling anything, and you can follow the Operator position.
  • Patients should not ask for self-examination without a recommendation by the doctor, because we should not play with any small radiation when not needed. Based on my observation, many patients ask themselves to do x-ray.
  • For mother whose children will be conducted by laboratory test such as blood tests (injection procedure), x-ray examinations should be done first because when the children takes blood test first and x-ray procedure as 2nd one they will cry and fear by seeing the x-ray equipment which is usually big and make them scary.

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