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Awareness of Breast Cancer Starting Now

Be aware of Breast CancerBreast cancer is the dangerous disease for the women besides uterine cancer. Base on the World Health Organization (WHO) data, there are millions of people death due to breast cancer every year.

Developing countries have suffered more than developed countries because of better medical treatment and awareness of better health life.

Women should be aware about their breast condition. The older of their age will increase of the breast cancer risk. Breast health knowledge and regular check up are very important to anticipate the worse impact of breast cancer.

This disease can be treated if detected in early stage. Below is the medical diagnostic equipment for detecting the breast cancer:

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The Functions of Breast Ultrasound

Function of breast scanningWomen who have ages more than 30s should check their breast condition as breast cancer screening or other abnormalities.

Any focal symptoms also which you should concern like unusual lump, or pain on the breast and axillary regions.

Breast ultrasound is one of the medical diagnostic tools that you can choose because it proved as 95% sensitivity for cancer or other diseases detections. Tumors, lump, cyst, lymphadenopathy are also effective to be identified.

Breast ultrasound is to be the first choice because, it’s invasive procedure (just little pressing the skin and not pierced) and quick image result. The other advantages, it can access blood flow with color Doppler ultrasound inside the breast and not using of x-ray radiation.

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