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How to Prevent and Reduce Pneumonia Disease Safely

How to reduce pneumonia disease safelyPneumonia is one of the diseases within the chest organ like Bronchitis and specific process which can make the death if not treated properly. This disease has been spreading especially in Developing and Poverty Countries.

Hygiene practices, air pollution, bad environment and infection spreading are the factors to cause pneumonia to be getting worse.

Most of pneumonia is caused by bacteria –Streptococcus pneumonia (pneumococcus) and spreading by viral which commonly – influenza, respiratory syncytial viruses and parainfluenza. The other bacteria or viral that can cause pneumonia are like  adenovirus and staphylococcus.

People call this disease as pneumonia or bronchopneumonia that as infection of the lung and usually caused by viruses or bacteria. Actually this disease can be prevented and treated in proper steps. There is mild stage up to severe attacks to people or patients in all ages.

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Laboratory Test to Check Cancer Risk

Laboratory Test for tumor MarkerThe word “Cancer” will make everyone scared! Sometimes it become them socked and down. Do you have any experience hearing you or your friends about this? Treat this matter with wise way and follow the right procedure which Doctor’s recommended.

Diagnose of cancer or malignancy disease will be followed with some steps further to ensure it’s really cancer or not. Every patient would require some tests like diagnostic checking and laboratory services. Diagnostic tools are like ultrasound, x-ray procedure, MRI, CT-Scan, Mammogram for breast cancer suspicious and others.

The laboratory test services such as blood test, urine analysis and tumor marker. Blood test is the first important thing in clinically to detect of the patient’s amount of white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets. Oxygen transportation to different part of the human body will be shown by red blood cells.

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