This post is dedicated to people to avoid injury especially for workers or someone who often takes some heavy things without knowing the appropriate handling information. Incorrect manual handling can cause musculoskeletal disorders and nerves damages.

Please be aware that injuries activities can happen at anywhere and anytime like at work area, home, offices, banks, playing ground, on the street and so on. Knowing better about this procedure can prevent the incoming injuries.

The right steps of safe manual handling as follows:

  1. Think first before handling or lifting especially for heavy burden like the lieft plan, where is the load to be placed and so on.
  2. Adjust in stable position. Unbalanced situation will be danger for you.
  3. How to get a good hold. The load should be hugged as close as to your body. it’s a good position
    1. Begin in good posture. Little bit bending of your back spine, hips and knees is better or fully flexing the hips and knees.
    2. Never to flex of your back during lifting.
    3. You keep the load very close to waist.
    4. Avoid twisting to another sideways. It’s dangerous.
    5. Always keep your hand up while handling
    6. After this you can move smoothly and steady.
    7. Do not handle something that you cannot manage it.
    8. Put down the load slowly.

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