Abdominal and pelvic CT Scan InformationCT Scan of abdomen is usually one package with pelvic region. This test is no pain like doing ultrasound or MRI examinations but CT Scan is using x-ray radiation. The advantages of this equipment, it can detect of patient’s organs like soft tissue, blood vessels, lymph nodes, bone and so on.

CT Scan Patient would be inserted within the machine circles up to their body in central line of the machine to get various angles of positions. The computer will record it as some images on the screen with multiple slices projections.

This examination can diagnose signs of infection, inflammation process, organ diseases on the liver, gall bladder, pancreas, intestines, stomach, spleen, kidneys and intra abdominal organs.

Below is the normal example of Abdomen CT Scan Result for Male from Radiologist which performed with or without oral contrast media:

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