sinusitis causes, effects and treatmentsIs sinusitis easy to be detected? Yes.. if you knew the symptom and how to check it. The symptom is commonly similar with flu. Some people will take medicine by their self to cure it before seeing to the Doctor or ENT Specialist.

The normal sinuses like frontal, maxillary, sphenoid, ethmoid filled by the air and located in the nasal area. These organs can be attacked by inflammation and irritation.

When the disease is still exist and bother the daily activities, they usually will see the Medical Specialist. The patient will be checked in several steps to make sure it is really common flu or sinusitis.

The steps are follow:

  1. Physical examination to see the nose and upper respiratory system.
  2. Laboratory test to detecting the infection process within the body.
  3. Chest x-ray to make sure whether the effect is from sinus area or chest and trachea region.
  4. Sinus x-ray is to check any sinusitis or other abnormalities.
  5. Another diagnostic tools checking like CT Scan and MRI
  6. Rynoscopy or Endoscopy will be performed by Otorhinolaringologist (Sinusitis Specialist) to visualize and access the anatomy and function.

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