X-ray procedure is the main diagnostic equipment in the Hospital or Medical Center in the word. This tool is very effective to diagnose the specific diseases or abnormalities of the patient’s body. The model of this machine is also variatif like mobile unit, fixed machine or rotated model.

How is the x-ray image produced? X-ray beam pass through to patient’s body and it absorbs x-ray wave depend on the different thick organs and captured by fluorescence screen within the cassette and processed via console machine to result x-ray image in the screen and can be print also. This machine is called as CR (Computed Radiography). This test is non-contrast examination.

Another test is using contrast or barium media like barium or iodine. Using this media, the x-ray images become detailed and easy to be detected every abnormalities of the patient. These tests such as:

–          BNO IVP

–          Barium Meal

–          Colon inloop

–          HSG

–          And so on

Below are some the advantages of x-ray examinations:

–             The test is quick except for older or severe sikness patients.

–             Patients feel painless or feel nothing.

–             The price of test is relatively cheap compared with CT-Scan and MRI.

–             X-ray radiation amount is small if compared with the benefit which patient receives.

There are the problems which covered by x-ray procedures:

  1. Bones of whole body can be assessed well like head, neck, ribs, shoulders, back spines, pelvic, upper and lower extremities.
  2. Teeth problems like decay, scalling, operation preparation can be covered by panoramic and cephalometry tests.
  3. The bony problems such as dislocation and fractures are the good objects of x-ray procedures.
  4. Arthritis and arthrosis of joints is clearly detected.
  5. Osteoporosis can be tested via BMD test.
  6. Breast cancer, mass, cyst and lump is usually tested by Mammograpy.
  7. Chest x-ray test is to see some diseases of lung infection like bronchitis, specific process, pneumonia, foreign body, pleural effusion and so on.
  8. Heart enlagement is clearly viewed by chest x-ray and to be continued by ECG (Eco Cardiography Test) to check physiologic function.
  9. Abdomen problems like meteorism of the colon, distended area, air fluid level, foreign body, kidney stones (radioopaque sign), and mass and so on.
  10. If you swallow something like coin, key or another metal can be detected their position whether it’s still in chest or abdominal area.
  11. Cancer of the bone or bony abnormality is seen by x-ray procedures.

The new and advance of x-ray technology is fast move forward and complicated.

Now the x-ray images can be managed better such as:

–             Radiologists at home or stay in another place can interprete the result via email or special software via internet access and the result send with the same time.

–             The x-ray images and result can be sent to the patients via their email as soon as possible once the report done.

–             Patient can receive their x-ray images with the high quality because using DCOM system which installed in their computer.

–             X-ray image is now seen in detailed contrast and quality and can be modified as we want like you want to see in bony or soft tissue patterns.

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