about Lumbar spine pain problemsWe have back spine from neck/cervical, thoracal, lumbar, sacral up to coccygeus bones. The position of lumbar spine is in the lower area of the back. 30% of the people feel of back spine problems.

Most of them caused by spur formation, slipped disc, spondylosis, osteolisthesis, traumatic condition and lumbar abnormality like scoliosis, lordosis or kyphosis.

How to diagnose lumbar spine pain.

–         CAT scans, electromyogram (EMG) and another tool is Discography.

–         Most of patient and people will do MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) for the trusted method of diagnostic tools.

Below are the advantages of using MRI:

  1. It can check the musculoskeletal system thoroughly.
  2. It has high resolution imaging of anatomy vertebral bodies and spaces up to nerve, disc and spinal cord.
  3. It has been clearly view of the lower part of lumbar vertebra.
  4. It can detect and assess congenital problems, joint narrowing and spinal/nerves compression.
  5. It can detect of spinal cord inflammation and compression fracture.

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