MRI ScannerMRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is an advanced diagnostic machine to check and evaluate any disease, abnormality and anatomy of the human body by transmitting the use of a huge magnet, radio frequencies and magnetic resonance and generating the signal which is seen by the receiver and later to be sent to the computer for further process.

MRI with speed of rotating hydrogen atom of water molecules inside enables to make images and distinguishes of any different parts of the body and make it feasible to the computer screen.

Benefits of using an MRI Scanner:

1. MRI can create the detail images on the body, clearly differentiation and more sensitive for soft tissue parts such as brain, ligament, spinal cord, vertebral spaces and nerve system.

2. Examination with MRI Scanner without x-ray radiation, no surgery and non-radioactive exposure.

3. No pain and no soft tissue destruction, so you can use MRI anytime and many times.

Preparations before MRI Scanning:

The preparation before doing MRI Scanner is very important to avoid any negative impacts.

1. Operator and MRI Scanner Staff must ask and interrogate the patient history, medical health and surgery records. All metal equipment must be taken-off first to avoid miss-placed position and be dangerous for the patient.

2. Check it out about using implant (like breast implant), hearing aid, peace maker of heart, etc. If possible, it taken it off or canceled it.

3. We can make a good pictures without re-position of the patient and we can see from any view.

4. Actually no special preparation is needed but patient is asked for to take off such as wallet, watch, accessories, cell phone (hand phone), hearing-aid, pin, belt, jewelry, credit card, shirt button and any metals included.

Is MRI Scanner Accurate?

MRI Scanning is one of the accurate machine in Radiology or Diagnostic tools in dealing with any abnormalities of the patient. If Radiologist as an interpreter needs for detail images, contrast media injection can be done and patient should be fasting around 4 hours before examination and the uremic and creatinine must be checked in laboratory.

The test duration is around 20 minutes up to 1 hour depends on the kind of object and sometimes the patient’s ears will be covered to avoid any noise from the machine.

For patient who has peace maker of the heart is prohibited to do MRI test. Huge magnet of MRI can disturb the peace maker or may be can stop it.

We will be careful to the uncooperative patients or feeling phobia. We do not get any serious problems to the patient.

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