How to prevent neck pain effectivelyNeck spine is part of your back spine. The power of neck spine is more weakness compare with another spines like Thoracal, Lumbal, Sacral and Coccygeus spines,  so you must be careful about the risk of fracture or abnormality.

For your notice that neck vertebre containing 7 bones which stabilized by ligaments and muscles function for moving. Neck is so fragile or easily broken if you do not treat it properly.

There are some causes of back pain :

1. Trauma or injury that attacking your neck area

Trauma is commonly caused by car or motor accident, sport or working accidents and playing ground or equipment for children. Damage that happens can occur on disc joint, ligaments, and nerve system or muscles parts. The injury of neck can accelerate for your head on forward or backward.

2. Postural position problems

Abnormal or miss-placed position can be from sleeping, sitting and so on. It’s caused by over-stretching for your ligaments, muscles or disc joint. Bring heavy bag in only one side shoulder is also the other cause of neck pain because of long under pressure.

Shoulder’s slouching with your head pushed forward and awkward position from sleeping for long period tends to worsen your neck pain.

3. Some diseases and abnormalities such as:

– Degenerative joint disease, scoliosis and so on.

How to Check Neck Pain in Simple way?

X-ray examination is the simple way to check your neck problem. Cheap, fast and practical test to find the result, but you should ask X-ray Technician to get appropriate radiation exposure protection.

Radiologist will analyze your neck organs including the alignment, inter-vertebral space and disc, vertebral opening/foramen, vertebral bodies and pedicles. If any abnormality found, the Medical Expert will expertise the diagnosis in the letter and write the next recommendation.

How to Prevent your Neck Pain Effectively?

– Sleeping

One pillow will support your head if you’re sleeping with normal position. Do not put many pillows under your head because they can cause muscle tension when you wake-up in the morning.

– Posture

Your position of shoulder and neck must be straight and relaxed.

– Working

Most employees if sitting at their office is not in the right position. They tend to bending over, not symmetric with computer monitor and so on. The impacts of these positions are stress and strain of the neck and back spines. Use the right support if you feel uncomfortable.

– Relaxation

Relaxation is important thing after working so long hours. You can use outdoor area to rest and relax.

– Exercise

Exercise is needed for your neck joint and muscle flexible and also strong. Regular exercise is recommended to keep your neck and back spine healthy.

How to Cure Neck Pain?

– Physiotherapy
– Acupuncture
– Special Exercise
– Undergo Operation
– Another Treatments

If you feel neck pain, you should check it thoroughly to find the real causes. It becomes dangerous if you do not treat and cure properly because it can bother your daily and sport activities because there is much nerve system on the neck region. There is another article for neck pain treatment which you can read also.


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