GallstonesGall stones would be suffered by mother, children or anybody. This disease can be attacking the productive or unproductive people.

Sometimes you don’t feel anything like pain or uncomfortable in your abdomen because the gallstones lies on the bottom of the gall bladder. But for the others, gall bladder attack will make you severe pain. The location of pain is around right side of upper abdomen. It can be felt in the back or middle region under your ribs.

How to detect Gall Bladder Stones?

Some people if suspected by gallbladder stones are usually also suffer gall bladder inflammation. We call gallbladder stones as Cholelithiasis and Inflammatory process in gallbladder as Cholecystitis. Abdominal ultrasound can detect both of them.

Gall Bladder StonesCholecystitis is noticed by the wall thickened of the gallbladder and stones are noted by as a round white sign within the gallbladder areas. Cholecystogram test is also can detect of gallbladder stones.

Gall bladder attack can cause you unpleasant complications like acute Pancreatitis.

How to treat Gall Stones?

1. Balance nutrition and Diet are the answers.

Please avoid overeating and do not eat fatty foods that may attack of billiary system. I think low fat diet is very important to keep your problem controllable.

2. Take Pain Killer

If you feel very painful of your gall bladder area, you can relieve it with pain killer. The pain happens if the gall stones move to common bile duct.

3. Special Drugs

For some Urologist, to dissolved the gallstones, they usually use special drugs prescribed.

4. Gall Bladder Surgery

I think this is the last efforts if the drug you have taken doesn’t work. By removing the gallbladder and its stone you will live without gall bladder.

Nowadays, there is a minimal invasive surgery for gall bladders stones, it’s called Laparascopy. It’s used camera and inserted to your trachea and stomach until gall bladder region and to be controlled by monitor.

This system is to minimize the inside bleeding. By using Antibiotic and Analgesic after operation is to lower infection.

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