PleurisyIf you feel pain on the chest, it’s not only caused by Heart Attack, Bronchitis, Tuberculosis, Ribs trauma, Bronchopneumonia, or muscle spasm but it can be an inflammatory process of your pleura.

Your left pleura is divided by left diaphragm and upper part of stomach and left kidney organs. For your right side is with border line of right diaphragm and upper part of liver and right kidney organs. Pleuritis is also known as Pleurisy and if generated fluid collection would be mentioned as Pleural Effusion.

What is the Pleuritis Symptom?

You feel pain if your pleuritis area pressed by hand. Short of breath, dry cough, fever and the other uncomfortable sensations. The painful is getting worse if you take a deep breath, cough, contraction, or lay down position (if there is pleural effusion). Sometime your weight will be lost because you’re loss of appetite.

What is the cause of Pleuritis?

– Ribs trauma can make pleuritis. Why? ribs broken can cause infection & irritation which create a fluid collection and finally will fulfill the pleural cavity.

– Lung infections like Bronchitis, Bronchopneumonia will influence the lung condition.

– Some bacteria, viral infection, poisoning chemical, pulmonary embolism or lung infarction, lung tumor, etc.

– Several drugs that taken to cure such as Pancreatitis, cirrhosis hepatic and so on.

How to Diagnose & Treat Pleuritis?

– Physical test is done as an early procedure. Sometimes Doctor can hear the friction or sound from pleural cavity with stethoscope. Pleural effusion accumulation resulted the strange sound.

– Your Doctor usually will refer you to take Chest x-ray in 2 Basic Projections. Postero-Anterior Position and Lateral View. With those position Pleuritis and Pleural effusion can be detected clearly.

– The other test is using Abdominal ultrasound. Hyperechoic lesion upper diaphragm can be seen by ultrasound equipment. CT-Scan is also the good machine to see slice by slice for your Pleurisy, infected area and set the localized of pleural effusion.

– Doctor will discuss with Lung Specialist to treat the main cause of Pleuritis. Bacterial or Viral infected can be treated by Antibiotic drugs. Pain relieve is given to reduce painful.

– If there is some fluid collection inside the pleural cavity, chest tube would be inserted pass through chest wall with local anesthesia. The fluid which sucked will be tested in Laboratory Department and will be analyzed from the color, consistency, nature, etc.

– The other treatment will be done to associate with the other complications like procedures of Thoracotomy, Thoracoscope, etc.

– Pleuritis or Pleurisy is easily known because this disease is attack on the right or left side of your lower chest regions. If you feel pain on that area, please check it with chest x-ray to ensure whether it’s Pleuritis or just muscle spasm.

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