CR (Computed Radiography) is equipment that process, adjust and store x-ray films in digital system. This system replaces the manual system and automatic processor which some lacks of disadvantages.

Why the old processor of x-ray machine is left? Please see below:

1. No more dark room usage for Operator/Radiographer in dealing with film processing.
2. Computed Radiography is higher quality. This aspect is very important thing for patient’s diagnosis and also for Radiologist/Doctors who want to interpret the result.

3. Chemical liquids are not needed anymore. This is a good step as environmentally-friendly.
4. CR film is cheaper than manual radiography because we can adjust object positions of the film option.
5. No maintenance cost. This is related with Company/Hospital cost.
6. We can review the image on the screen without printing it.
7. This new system is also can process any other diagnostic machine like panoramic, chepalometry, mammography, CT-Scan and also MRI.
For mother and her family if you come to Hospital or Clinic for purpose to do x-ray examination, please ask the Radiology Unit or Admission about this machine because they have many advantages such as:
· The system can reduce radiation exposure if the condition of radiography is not matching due to human and processing errors. So, you can decrease of radiation dosage.
· Can be re-printing without x-ray repetition. Someday, if you loss the film because of any other reasons, you can come to that Hospital/Clinic to re-print your previous film without doing x-ray examination anymore. Maybe you would be charged  with film price which cost not more than 5 US$ (this is based on my experience).
· You can ask the operator to be sent your x-ray images via E-mail in a good quality (in jpg).
· The result of examination you can get as soon as possible because the film can be seen directly by Radiologist via their cell phone.
· This procedure’s time is shorter than manual system, so examination can be taken in effective and efficient ways.
· Your film can be burning in CD or flask disk if you need it.
This system is appropriate for your children x-ray examination and also for your family to get the best service by getting the good quality of x-ray film.

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