Secure TravellingEverybody needs refreshing. Traveling to other place which far from home and never visited is a dream of people in holiday season. Pleasure is more enthusiastic if we can go with our family, boyfriend/ girlfriend, spouse, children or with our relative.

In this post,  I would like to stress on traveling security base on the medical risk which can influence your live if you don’t prepare properly. It seems to be called as Risk Control Management.

Security Preparations of Traveling

1. As travelers, every crisis has to be prepared before leaving home. Information and map about the destination site is to be first step especially if we will go to remote site like village, mountain, forest, hill, river and so on. Map and traffic update report like GPS (Global Positioning System) is kept in the pocket.

2. Medical First Aid Kits for traveler is also brought to anticipate any accident or for emergency needs. Some people see this medical tools are not important, but if you got accident or incident, it can save your live.

3. If you go with others, identify and track one another with communication. Ensure that place you visit has signal for your phone call or any other communication tools. Contact and any information is  the most important thing.

4. Any permit from local Authority is needed if you visit with strange or dangerous area. Maybe travel Guide is considered if you are not sure with your trip.

5. Emergency Call or Evacuation system must be understood and easy to be contacted if any emergency case happened to your travel.

6. To minimize risk, everyone must know about contingency and emergency planning.

7. Comply with all regulations and restriction in remote area where you visit and stay temporary.

8. Prepare your transport and the other spare part if you use your own car and doesn’t involved the third party (Rental Unit).

My purpose of writing this topic is to ensure that your travel in remote area, strange location or dangerous place is safer and finally makes you happier. Some people who will visit in affected area of disease or epidemic will undergo vaccination first to keep away from spreading of infection or viral radiated.

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