How to make beautiful breast with proper treatmentsHave the beautiful and healthier breast! Of course every woman wants like famous Celebrities’, but the problems are they don’t know how treat it. Mother who has been delivery process is also the subject of these treatments.

Here are the secrets of how to practically make your breasts appear attractive.

1. Using Appropriate Bra

Use the wrong bra does not make your breasts appear beautiful and it can also cause back pain, redness due to irritation or shortness of breath. Please be aware that you may have a larger or smaller breast. There are many factors that influence such as pregnancy, breastfeeding or menopause process. Use the right bra and fit the size of your breasts can make you feel good and attractive appearance, especially if it’s dedicated to your partner or spouse.

2. Doing Regular Exercise

Exercise regularly can decrease your breast size or rising it. Therefore, choose a fitness gym in order to shape your breasts firmer. An example is by way of push ups to stimulate to your chest muscles. Do it regularly and then lay down on the mattress and hold the dumbbell with your palms facing forward, stretch your elbows parallel to shoulders and arms form an angle of 90 degrees. Raise the dumbbell up until your arms straight. Doing this step every day about 10-15 minutes. This method is very effective for shaping your breasts. There is another sport that can make your breasts look firm such as biking and swimming.

3. Massage you Breast

Doing breast massage by a professional Expert. By using top quality products and proper massage can tighten your breast, especially after feeding. This step is beneficial for smoothing your skin and to detect cancer or breast tumors as early as possible.

4. Breast Mask

Another useful treatment is masking to tighten your breasts, It resulted smooth skin, beautify the breasts as well as slower the aging process. Use a mask like Amylum oryzae. Here are some ways that you can try at home:

– Relax on supine position.

– Clean the breasts with a smooth tissue that had been cleaned in warm water in advance.

– Wipe your skin with soft towel until your breasts dry.

– Apply first quality products with massage gently for around 15 minutes. Then wash and dry.

5. Breast Acupressure Treatment

Breast is a full-blooded of the soft tissue regions. Do smoothly your breasts with the fingers (acupressure) at certain points that are useful to tighten your breasts. By using of massage cream on your breast area would be beneficial to form the elasticity, density and beautify the breasts.

6. Using Papaya and Soybean

Papaya enzyme has a beneficial factors, especially for breast toning and Vitamin A in it. Besides that papaya may stimulate the ovaries to release female hormone such as estrogen, progesterone and prolactin. While soybean is rich in antioxidants and an antidote to free radicals and reduce the risk of breast cancer. The presence of estrogen-like isoflavones can serves as a protector of cancer by destroying the abnormal cells and reduce inflammation.

7. Quit Smoking Now!

Everyone knows that the Risks of smoking would have the bad impacts of health. Besidess it can trigger cancer cells smoking also accelerates the aging process and other negative impacts.

8. Breast Products Usage

The use of a quality product will certainly make your efforts more leverage in your care and treatment for breast firmer and healthier.

8 Steps of the above would be more effective if you do comprehensive and continuous treatments with each other as complementary method.

You can view information about how to care for your breasts and tighten it. Click here to see the further explanation.


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