Scoliosis Problem ImageScoliosis is abnormal  curve of back spines starting from neck (cervical), thoracal, lumbar up to sacral spines. It’s usually happen on thoracal and lumbar spine.

To check whether your back spine is scoliosis or not by standing in normal position from 2 sides, frontal and side positions.

Many Experts in the world do not know exactly about the real causes of scoliosis, but they can explain the most possibility of it.

Common Causes of Scoliosis :

Scoliosis can suffer to anybody including children, baby and elderly.

1. Negative effects of sitting and bringing the heavy bag for long time.

2. Feel back pain that persists for more than 4 months.

3. Congenital cause is generally suffered by a baby.

4. There are some other diseases like osteoporosis, spinal deformity and chronic arthritis.

5. Any spinal instability.

6. Back pain problems due to any kinds of accident and trauma.

7. Prolong discomfort while sleeping on the un-flat bed.

8. There are weaknesses of your legs.

Lordosis is kind of scoliosis that curvature to the front and kyphosis is scoliosis curvature to the back.

Detection of Scoliosis :

X-ray examination is the simple and accurate ways to detect scoliosis in whole view. Scoliosis program is better to see all vertebre spine in one film with standing position. Please do not make scoliosis projection in sitting or supine positions because they are not representative with the real problem.

To observe the improvement of scoliosis medication, it should be measured of the curve’s degree by Radiologist. If the degree of scoliosis is not more than 10, it’s still mid scoliosis but if more than 10 degree, it’s better to reversed by Orthopedist or Chiropractor.

The bigger degree of your scoliosis will make another complications like Spondylolisthesis, HNP, Degenerative disc diseases, spinal stenosis, irritation, inflammation, narrowing of spinal opening, spondylosis and so on.

Solution of Scoliosis :

Detection in early stage is very important thing. Why? Yes, because it’s easily to be correct properly and do not need much money and uncomfortable feeling in the process of medication.

If  scoliosis happen on the children should be evaluated regularly because it’s related with their growth and position while they are adult. Misalignment of their vertebre spine must be corrected as soon as possible by Orthopedist, Neurosurgeon or Chiropractor.

There are Cervial-Lumbar Corrective Procedure in the Hospital/ Clinic which designed to correct misalignment of back spine with keep the proper of neuro system and physiology of the patient. This system is usually effective in helping patient with scoliosis problems.

If your Doctor advised you to do spinal surgery, you should ask the negative impacts, procedure, post operation treatment and other useful information. Medical Second opinion is needed if you are not sure about this procedure.

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