X-ray and MRI ImageX-ray and MRI, both of them are diagnostic tools in upholding the right diagnosis but they are actually difference machines. They are usually placed in Radiology Department and operated by Radiographer which working together with Radiologist.

Most of Doctors have sent their patients to find disease or abnormality before doing medication or the further medical procedure. X-ray and MRI have their advantages and disadvantages and requesting Doctor will decide whether the patient need x-ray, MRI or both of them.

There are some Differences between X-Ray and MRI as folows:

1. Machine Specifications

MRI machine is more complicated and advanced technology compared with x-ray machine. Of course the price of MRI machine is higher than x-ray one. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) using powerful magnet with radio waves and also supported by computer to manipulate and process the images of patient’s body structure becomes highly detail image.

The images of MRI can be seen via monitor or printed as hard copy. MRI is without radiation exposure but needs some strictly preparation to make sure that patient is really clear from metal, iron and etc which can influence of patient’s live.

X-ray machine is using of ioninc radiation that pass through the body of the patient. The image of x-ray is grey sign. The machine is also less complicated and prices than MRI.

2. Price and Function

The price of MRI examination is of course higher than x-ray because associated with the investment capital for Break Even Point. Radiologist who intrepret the image is also paid bigger than x-ray examination.

X-ray is very suitable to see the bone of patient’s body like legs, hands, back spines, pelvic and so on. To assess and analyze the fracture, dislocation, etc. In other word, x-ray is specialized as “Hard Structure of the patient”.

Meanwhile, MRI is very detail to see the soft tissue, nerve system, blood flow, etc. The images become more detail and clears if using the contrast media if injected into the blood. The price of examination would increase if using contrast media. So, “Soft Structure” image is very appropriate with MRI.

Some Doctors recommended that using only one machine (X-ray or MRI) is enough if related to disease or abnormality of the patient’s complaints, but if several cases, Doctor will use both of them to make sure that the right diagnosis is really true.

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