Standard Operating Procedure of Chest X-ray for Normal PatientMany people will go to Hospital or Clinic because of some reasons such as:

– Doing Medical Check-up.

– Any urgent conditions like accidents, trauma, suspect fracture or dislocation, chest pain, short of birth and so on.

– To cure any diseases or abnormalities like surgery and operation.

– To find second opinion for medical matters.

– To do some diagnostic and laboratory examinations.

– Any program of Clinic Tour.

– Health consultations.

– To buy Medical kits like First Aid Kits, Burning Emergency Kits, Traveler’s Kits and so on.

– Doing medical and health training programs for example Occupational Health Program, First Aid Training and so on.

– Getting Birth Control Program.

– To cure infertility problems.

– And the others.

In this post I would like explain about Standard Procedure of Chest x-ray for normal adult patients. But for children, sickness & emergency patients and pregnancy women will be treated in different ways.

Why do I choose chest x-ray test? Yeah.. The reason is because this examination is often done in Medical Centers worldwide. In the first step before examination done, female patient will be asked about whether she is pregnant or not. The other option is the Staff or X-ray Technician will receive the pregnancy test result form Laboratory Department.

I’m sure this Standard procedure is not fixed but maybe any changes in practice but it’s usually common procedure that’s taken by most Radiographer. At least you understand what really happen about especially for the first visitors. Knowledge about Chest x-ray procedure besides of the normal criteria of chest x-ray and function of chest x-ray are important to minimize the x-ray repetition and confusing for the patient.

Patient comes to X-ray/Radiology Department is accompanied by Nurse/Admission Staff or by her/himself. The X-ray Technician will do administration first in the log book and computer data that related with patient name, requisition doctor’s name, kind of test, setting price, advice form, consent form and so on.

Below is Step by Step of Standard Operating Procedure of Chest x-ray in Normal Adult Patient:

1. The patients take their cloths off and also other plastic or metal things especially in the neck and chest areas like bra, necklace, accessories and any kind of metals.

2. Take position of the patient to the bucky stand with the chin on the upper part of the bucky stand.

3. Arrange the x-ray beam to cover all chest region and not more to avoid scattering and more radiation exposure. This is part of radiation protection. There is also x-ray protection radiation for children that will be explained in another title.

4. Adjust the x-ray condition on the control table (mA, second and kV).

5. Instruct the patient to inhale (take deep breath) as much as they can and stop for a while.

6. Take the x-ray exposure with hand switch.

7. After finish, instruct again for normal breathing.

8. Allow the patients to put their cloths on and wait outside while the film processed by Digital Processing Machine. Some Hospital or Clinic will do with manual process or automatic processing.

9. The good x-ray quality is shown if cover well all the chest x-ray area, 9th ribs the contour of heart and several thoracic bones.

10. Additional position is needed like lateral view with the patient turn to the left side and both their arms up and take the exposure while the patient in full inspiration.

After examination finished, the film and other data of patient will be kept at Medical Record for the next visit needs or the other purposes.


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