Gall-bladder Problem with no stone insideGall bladder is the small organ that located down of the liver which holding the bile to remove water and also to decrease the pH less than 7. The contour of this organ is like pear about 8 cm in diameter. Gall bladder can construct base on the fat digestion.

Gall stones is also called Cholelithiasis that caused by cholesterol build-up with addition of calcium bilirubate. It’s vulnerable attacked due to inflammation process.

The problems of gallbladder are not only from stone but also from other diseases like:

Cholecystitis : The inflammatory process within the gall bladder or bile duct

– Gall bladder can suffer from diseases because of fairly dry inside due to an age, diabetes, pregnancy stage, pancreatitis/pancreas problems, chirrocis, obesity factor and hormonal contraception.

How to detect gallbladder diseases without stone inside:

– Using x-ray examination is quite difficult to visualize the abnormality of gall bladder because of without stone. Radioopaque stone is detected of white sign in x-ray radiography but for radiolucent stone is not seen clearly. So, finding abnormality of gallbladder without stone with x-ray test is not the right choice.

– Ultrasound or ultrasonography is one of the best diagnostic tools to detect gallbladder disease without stone. Gall bladder is part of abdominal ultrasound.

– The other tests to diagnose gall bladder abnormality are CT-Scan, Endoscopy which guided by Fluoroscopy, MRI and others.

What are your early symptoms before doing diagnostic tools:

– The symptoms of gallbladder diseases for example pain, bloating up to heartburn, back-pain and so on.

– Intermittent or recurring painful that radiated to your back area, shoulders until chest is often suffered by these patients.

– The other symptoms including feeling constipation, nausea, vomiting, fever, belching up to indigestion.

Well preparation is needed to get the better result like in ultrasound, Endoscopy and Fluoroscopy. Removal of gas and feces is crucial to identify the best of gallbladder images to uphold the right diagnosis. Preparation in this case like fasting within 6 hours before examination but the patient can still drink plain water.

After suspected as gallbladder problems without stone, removal operation/surgery is prepared such as Cholecystectomy or Laparascopic. Drug medication is commonly tried in early step before surgical removal that decided by Internist or Surgeon Specialist.


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