radiotherapy informationMost patients know about radiology or x-ray but it’s a little understood about radiotherapy. Almost x-ray is used as diagnostic tools in Medical Centers such as conventional x-ray, CT-Scan, mammography, dental x-ray, panoramic and other examinations tests.

Radiotherapy is an energy x-ray that targeted to cure and kill cancer cells of specific area that harms for the patient’s body. Unharmed area will be avoided so it can minimize the negative side effects. This therapy model is more accurate than chemotherapy as cancer treatment.

There are 2 type of cancer, superficial and internal radiotherapy. Superficial is direct radiotherapy and the machine just rotating on the object area of the cancer and near of the patient’s skin. For internal radiotherapy, it is rather difficult because the source of energy x-ray must be closer to the cancer cells.

Following are some cancers that the objects of radiotherapy: cancers of lung, thyroid, brain, cervix, prostate and skin.

It’s important thing to prepare before radiotherapy treatment. Some pre-test is done to set and find the exact location of cancer. Referral letter is made to prepare for CT-Scan or x-ray examination. Ultrasound is also considered to use.

The effectiveness of radiotherapy depends on the variable reasons:

• Difficulty area is less successful than the easier area of cancer.

• The type and grade of the cancer.

• Dosage and duration of radiotherapy.

The other purpose of radiotherapy as follows:

• To refrain and control of cancer cells development.

• Reducing the cancer size before doing surgery.

You should take regular advice from your Doctor to anticipate and understand about the side effects of radiotherapy. Some effects are commonly temporary but it can be possible for permanently. Before examination is done the patient will be explain in detail about the possibility of temporary or permanent effects.

Below are the general effects of radiotherapy such as:

• Tiredness
• Hair loss for brain cancer
• Any scar/fibrosis of the skin area that treated.
• Loss of appetite
• Vomiting and feeling sick
• Diarrhea
• The skin becomes darkness
• The other unwanted effects.

3-6 months period is the time for recovery. You will be given some suggestions and complete guidance about what you eat and do to make your cancer treatment is really successful.


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