AppendicitisAppendix is an additional organ of the colon at lower right side of the abdomen. If that organ becomes inflamed, red and filled by the pus will make you pain, vomiting, cramping or diarrhea and constipation because radiated from your appendix.

The painful sensation should be checked and diagnosed quickly to avoid the rupture of the organ.

There are causes of Appendicitis

Some common of causes are bacterial infection, obstruction, hyperplasia, worm, foreign body and uncertain causes. Obstruction of the feces is often the main cause and to be a media of bacteria of Escherichia Coli.

How to detect Appendicitis?

3 ways to know if you suffer Appendicitis.

1. Physical examination

Your Doctor will palpate your right lower abdominal area and bend your leg to upper position. If you feel pain then to be continued to test your rectal temperature and to be compared with the axilla one. If rectal temperature is higher than axilla, it’s indicated appendicitis symptoms.

2. Laboratory Test

The next test is your blood will be taken and leukosit would be under 10,000/mm3 if around 10,000-18,000/mm3 is there any infection.

3. Radiology Test

a. Plain Photo Abdomen x-ray is the first step but with this examination is still difficult to visualize of appendix inflammatory process. This is my opinion, if you feel severe pain, cramping on the right lower area of the abdomen and your temperature is higher than 38 degree, this test should be avoided because it’s not accurate enough and will take you under x-ray radiation exposure.

b. Abdominal ultrasound. The area of MC Burney will be compressed by transducer of ultrasound and must shape ” A Doughnut Sign” to ensure the indication of Appendicitis. The accuracy of ultrasound is around 70-90%.

c. Abdominal CT-Scan. With this machine, the accuracy is higher than using ultrasound, it’s above 90%. CT-Scan can visualize the appendix contour more detail. Of course the result is more effective.

d. Appendicogram. You will be given contrast media of barium meal and to be eaten, after 8-10 hour will be made Abdominal x-ray. If you’re suspected Appendicitis, the appendix sign is very specific. Radiologist is really understand about this abnormality.

How to handle Appendicitis?

Chronic Appendicitis will undergo Operation (Appendectomy) but for early symptoms will be given antibiotic. Taking this drug can make Appendicitis recurrence. Minor surgery (Laparascopy) is recommended to limit complication or contamination.

Appendicitis must be handle as soon as possible to avoid abdominal perforation or peritonitis. The appendicitis pain is felt different by some people because it depends on appendix situated.

At the last, before Doctor decides to take you operation please make sure that you have accurate diagnosis with multiple tests before.

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