Sleeping is very needed for mother who is taking care her children and also for career women & men. Without that the body stamina would decrease drastically. The fit body is  a must for our daily activities.

How much sleep do we need? Actually, many people must be aware that the amount of sleep we need for normal health varies with our age. For some people, 5 hours a night is enough but for others, 8 hours is still not enough.

Meanwhile, for old people with around age of 50 or above is 7 hours in average. Many old people are difficult for settled sleep due to their age.  Relaxation technique guide is needed to overcome this problem.

What is a common sleep problem?

The problem will arise if lack of sleep or too much sleep interferes with your activities during the day. Insomnia is to be the cause of sleep problem.

The other reasons of sleep difficulty are sleep apnoea, your bed mate, snoring and so on. If difficult of sleep happen as temporary, it’s not a problem but if there is a long time will become serious thing.

There are some tips to make your sleep is settled :

1.  Stop to consume alcohol.

2.  Stop to drink something containing caffeine like coffee or cocoa.

3.  Do not try to bed after difficult work that required a lot concentration or emotional upset.

4.  Do not try too hard by attempting to go to sleep.

5. You can follow something useful like listening to the radio, having a warm (not too hot) bath or doing some relaxation technique.

Special exercise for sleep disorder to help your problem is present. Sleep aid will assist you naturally who are still difficult to sleep every night. Some various relaxation technique is shown to make your body is fit.

Some people with chronic insomnia will manage their sleep with regular sleeping tablets. Although this treatment should be avoided for long medication.

Insomnia has become as usual of city population nowadays. Difficult staying asleep or waking early is  a temporary problem. Sometimes, it’s due to personal matters or happens for no reason.

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