Best Health Tips for kidsWhen it comes to keeping a child healthy, there are a lot of options available. Lifelong health and fitness starts early. It is important to practice both healthy eating habits as well as routine physical activity. Remember, as a parent or guardian you are responsible for the health of your child.

Instilling healthy eating habits in your child can seem like a daunting task. However, this can be fairly easy for a parent or guardian with the right approach. First and foremost, consult your paediatrician before drastically altering your child’s diet. Your family doctor can guide you to foods that will be healthy and provide the proper nutrition for a developing child.
From birth to adolescence, your child only has access to the food that you allow them to eat. If you have your home filled with junk food, it is too easy for your child to develop unhealthy eating habits. However, if you have readily available fruits and vegetables for snacks, your child will have no choice but to eat the healthy food.

Children, especially toddlers, require routine and structure. There are occasions after a long day at work where take-out food and watching television on the sofa seem like the best thing to do. You are a role model for your child. They will mimic you and be more than happy to join you on the sofa and eat junk food. However, if you develop the routine of a healthy snack and some playtime after school and work, your child will look forward to the healthy food and exercise. This will aid in developing positive eating and exercise habits.
Speaking of exercise, a child does not need to have a membership to the gym. Children, especially toddlers, love to play. It is very easy to turn play time into exercise time without your child knowing it. What child doesn’t love playing hide and seek, duck-duck-goose, or a game of tag?

Buy your child a pet. Like a cat or a hamster or a puppy. Pets are active and also attract your child’s attention. But they are usually tricky to catch and your child can run around in the garden or in your living room attempting to get hold of the pet. Make sure you don’t have a lazy, sleepy cat. This will also grow an immaculate bond between your child and animals, something that preaches humanity magically.

Best Fitness Tips for KidsOther than animals, there are also plenty of activities your child can do with other children. A trip to a local park is an excellent way to engage your child in some exercise as well as getting them to socialise and make friends. Also, many towns have local sports teams that children can take part in. This is another great way for your child to exercise and develop healthy habits.

Remember, your child’s health and fitness habits start with you. If you make an effort early on to have your child eat right and stay active, they will be more likely to continue making healthy choices through adolescence and adulthood.

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