Spirometry TestSpirometry is a test for checking your lung and pulmonary functions. This medical diagnostic tool is also effective way to diagnose the other abnormalities related respiratory system like asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, cystic lesion and persistent breathing disorder. Severe difficult to breath is categorized as emergency situation.

Spirometer as a tool of spirometry will show the graph displayed as spirogram. A curve of the test result will set the volume of air on the Y-axis and in second on the X-axis. This both axis also provide the flow of volume loop that display the volume of inhaled or exhaled time.

The procedure of spirometry is patient to be requested to inhale in the deepest breath as long he possible and will breathe out into the port of sensing in the spirometer. Sometimes he does the fast inhale.

After finish the test, your Doctor will check if any possible obstruction in your respiratory tract. There are some findings like chronic problems of your pulmonary system and measurement of the lung capacity. How fast of your breath and how much air in your lung cavity that you hold can be detected by spirometry tool.

COPD Disease is also the object of spirometry test. If you have bad habit and has symptoms from smoking, persistent short of breath or need the screening for your pulmonary system, spirometry is the answer tool.

Your proactive action to anticipate your problem will be followed with the proper medication to expect the normal life from any restrictions. If you do regular medical check-up, don’t forget to include the option of spirometry test in your medical package. The factors of age, gender, symptom and smoking history is the early sign to be considered for taking spirometry test.


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