Handling in emergency situationMany people have experience in emergency situation at home, at work or outdoor area. Most of them cannot handle and anticipate it and finally some of them become deathly attack.

Hopefully you can help anybody who is suffering this condition at least for first aid step. Everything should be intended to help for our family such as our spouse, children and relatives that closed to our relationship.

Many things that categorized as emergency situations to someone like ribs trauma, gall-bladder stone colic, broken legs, getting poisoning, head trauma, colic of appendicitis, chest pain attack, soft tissue injury, stroke attack, broken nose case and many other things.

How to react and handle an emergency situation:

1. Do not panic! It’s the first step for you if reacting to emergency situation. If you panic, you have no idea to do anything. If you are paramedic or health people is no problem with this situation but if not, you must safe your live first before handling another person who got an emergency case.

2. Turn-on the medical alert system if you have at home or at work. The alarm indicated that you are finding help from other people. Ask for help not only via alarm system but also via phone call. Call your friends, family members, neighbors or emergency care unit which near from the happening location. Sometimes you are in difficult situation because you are alone and getting injured and so hard to reach the phone call and unable to move your body.

3. If you area really injured attacking your neck, head or back spine, you shouldn’t move much to avoid severe damaged and you can scream loudly to find help from other people. In Western Countries, you can call emergency number like 911 or press medical alert button.

4. You and your family should attend First Aid Training to anticipate emergency situation. Many categories of training that you can choose as suitable for you such as:
– Home First Aid Training
First Aid Training
– Work First Aid Training
– Baby Problem Handling Training
– Training How to use First Aid Kit
– CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) Training
– Occupational Life Support Training

5. Enhance you medical knowledge and practice in the basic level from trained people if facing emergency situation especially if you are alone.
Please be noticed that CPR Training is very beneficial for everyone if handling experience of breathing process disturbance.

Most people will die when cardiac arrest happen suddenly. With CPR Training certificate, you enable to help and lessen the bad impacts of cardiac arrest during emergency time.

You can find reputable health institutions who want to be attended. The leading training of CPR or First Aid will release with First Aid Certification and AED Certification. In the USA, these courses are designed well by AHA (American Heart Association) and ILCOR (International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation).

If you don’t have much time or far from reliable health institution, you can get other alternatives like getting from on-line course of CPR. There is commonly reasonable price. You can choose with illustrated graphic and video demonstration.

Online course is also provide Online CPR Certification because all course steps are designed by skilled and certified professional Experts. All of them will be demonstrated by latest effective tools and techniques to maximize your knowledge and make your practices easier.

I hope this article will be useful.


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