Right Scoliosis exercisesScoliosis is one of the abnormalities of vertebre spines that happen because the spine is not straight or not normal alignment. It can be detected well after you have taken chest x-ray examination or vertebre spines tests. Back spine can be scoliosis from cervical (neck), thoracal or lumbar spines. The alignment and spaces of bones are clearly seen after changed to bony structure.

Someone who suffers scoliosis need recovery in natural ways such as scoliosis exercises. In this post, I would like to describe the right exercise in 4 steps. You can do this exercise at home, office or other comfortable places. I’m sure after you practiced these 4 steps in correctly, your mild up to medium levels of your scoliosis which you suffered would be better.

The reasons why you practice the effective scoliosis exercises:

1. Theses 4 steps can strengthen the muscles of your back spines.

2. Your back muscles become stronger and adaptable.

3. It can reduce your pain and its symptoms.

Scoliosis exercises are including some coverage like:

– Main straightened: Sit up, chin up, pelvic tilting and so on.
– Physical focusing: Standing raise, upright row, back extension, bending over raise and leg or arm extensions.

Below is the guidance or the ways how to do Scoliosis exercise correctly

Step 1 of Scoliosis Exercises

Step 1  Scoliosis Exercises
Step 2 of Scoliosis Exercises

Step 2 Scoliosis Exercises
Step 3 of Scoliosis Exercises

Step 3 Scoliosis Exercises Step 4 of Scoliosis Exercises

Step 4 Scoliosis Exercises

This method is like rehabilitation process for scoliosis abnormality. It’s better and recommended if your exercises guided by skilled Trainer or Specialist to ensure the effective and efficient results.

I hope the guidance of scoliosis exercises above illustrated is useful and beneficial as the natural ways.


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