Info of thyroid or neck ultrasoundIf you have a problem with your neck area or painful within your neck, your Doctor will recommend you to do ultrasound or sonogram. This test is the only one of diagnostic tools to perform your problem. The other tests are like CT-Scan, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) or Nuclear scan.

Ultrasound is a painless procedure using transducer with high frequency to result of images base of thyroid or neck organs. Every normal and abnormal organ will be evaluated and analyzed by this machine. Ultrasound gel is used to perform transducer probe and shown by computer monitor.

Every tool has the advantages to check your thyroid or neck. MRI is good to evaluate the size and shape of thyroid or other organs within your neck. CT-Scan is appropriate to diagnose a goiter or thyroid nodules and nuclear scan is qualified to check thyroiditis, graves’s disease or multi nodular.

Thyroid anatomy from anterior view

Meanwhile, ultrasound is typically used to diagnose and analyze of lump, thyroid nodules, thyroiditis, cyst, tumor and other abnormalities. Doppler ultrasound has many advantages for thyroid checking because they provide real-time image, needle biopsy usage, catheter insertion, color image and so on.

Before examination is done, all your accessories like necklace and others are removed to avoid they can block the ultrasound of probe. Radiologist or Sonographer will perform this examination and accompanied by X-Ray Technician or Nurses. Hospital will provide chaperon if the patient is female.

thyroid ultrasound examination

The procedure is commonly supported by pillow under your neck to expose your throat. Maybe it’s not comfortable for you but it’s not painful. Transducer will going around the area where the thyroid or the problem located.

Radiologist will write and explain the result base on the image on the screen. After you got the result you can go back to your referring Doctor if any abnormalities founded.

Thyroid or neck ultrasound result parameters are like:

–         Any solid lesion which growth in your neck.

–         The location of growth lesion.

–         Measure of the border and size.

–         Blood flow base on Color Doppler checking.

–         And other findings.

Follow up your ultrasound result if there is any serious problem founded. Some biopsies, surgery or other treatments is important to be followed to make your body keeping healthy.


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