Brain or Head CT Scan MachineThe brain is very important organ of the human. It is a central of nervous system and the most complex organ within the body. You should be careful about this organ. If it gets trauma and damaged it will be hard to repair or to be normal.

Normal brain is very sensitive organ within the body and very influenced by amount of oxygen, carbon dioxide and sugar within the blood. Any less or lack of the this factor can cause of brain damage or other like meningitis.

There are 2 kinds of head/brain injury:

  • Primary brain injury

This is a direct impact to the brain damaged. It can be bleeding on the surface and deeper of the brain, bruising in the brain and sometimes any penetration in the brain.

  • Secondary brain injury

This is everything that happens thereafter like brain swelling and bleeding and finally can enhance the pressure on the brain which can result to the brain damaged. Blood clots are really dangerous because it can make in death. For your info that brain is in the box and pressure to the skull will make no where to go of the blood flow and oxygen.

Below are the causes of the Brain or Head is performed to CT Scan:

–         Traumatic injury

–         Cancer or tumor

–         Other causes

CT Scan is a type of diagnostic tool which helps to diagnose particular abnormality within the brain. It uses radiation exposure and sophisticated computer to produce high quality images of internal organs such as brain tumor, cancer and traumatic abnormalities.

Radiologist or Doctors can see the internal organ of the patient via computer screen. So they can access  of various blood vessels, bones, soft tissue and others.

Below is the normal example of Brain CT Scan Result from Radiologist:


Cortical sulci, sylvian fissures and gyri are normal.

Ventricle and cystern system are within normal limit.

No sign of focal pathologic lesion in the cerebral parenchym.

No sign of mid line shift.

Infra tentorial : cerebellum, pons and CPA are normal.

Skull are intact.

Orbits, paranasal sinuses and mastoid air cell are normal.

Impression : No abnormality in the Brain CT Scan.

If there are abnormality within the brain have to be treated in appropriate action like :

  1. Surgery
  2. Rehabilitation
  3. Acute treatment
  4. Oral Medication
  5. Other treatment

All problems related to head or brain must be treated immediately because there is any bad impact for the future.


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