Lung Cancer DiseasesLung cancer is one of dangerous cancer types nowadays because of their cells abnormalities. Human body with the normal unit of cells will be kept in checking and balancing by the system to make the cells growth in order and divided to produce fresh cells. It’s necessary for new cells and human body system.

Any disrupted of the cells growth will result of propagation and unrestrained of cells unit and then finally forms to be a mass or tumor. If this type is called benign, it can be removed and does not scatter to other organs of the body but if its malignancy tumor; it will grow and attack to other parts of the body.

The organs system which’s being attacked is like bloodstream, lymphatic system, soft tissue region and other parts of the body. Spreading of this tumor cells is known as metastasis. An extreme threatening malignancy will make a difficult to be treated.

You should be aware about the stages of lung cancer:

  • Stage 1 : On this stage, the cancer is only within the lung (limited region) and hasn’t metastasized to other area like to lymph nodes. The size is also very small, it’s not more than 5 cm along.
  • Stage 2 : Tumor in this stage is to be bigger and more persistent. It could be metastasis to the chest wall and the size is more than 5 cm.
  • Stage 3 : In this stage the tumor is rather and starting to spread to near organ of the body.
  • Stage 4 : Lung cancer has growth further and metastasis to other organs like to pelvic region, head or others. The treatment is also limited and difficult to cure.

There are commonly lung cancer symptoms and signs:

  1. Feeling fatigue
  2. Pain
  3. Fever
  4. Unknown weight loss
  5. Skin changes
  6. Feeling down and stressed

Below are the diagnostic tools and medical analysis to check lung cancer:

  • X-ray or Radiologic Procedure

Chest or lung  and other organs like pelvic area should be targeted for x-ray examination. Lung nodule, tumor and strange lesion can be detected well by x-ray examination. No preparation for this test.

X-ray pictures of lung cancer

  • CT- Scan

This diagnostic tool is good for lung cancer screening. Nodules or lung mass is very detail image by CT-Scan.

  • MRI

MRI is also sophisticated test to check lung cancer metastasis. One by one slice will be checked to ensure the stage of the tumor and the size.

  • Tissue biopsy

Tissue sample from the biopsy will be checked and analyzed in laboratory to ensure the cancerous cells. The biopsy including bronchoscopy and mediastinoscopy.

  • Laboratory test

Your blood and sputum are also tested in cytology division and one of the laboratory test. The sample will be checked in microscopic tools base on several criteria.

  • PET Test  and Bone scan

The lung and other organs like liver and bone will be checked to detect of any metastasis or only benign tumor.

How to treat Lung Cancer in appropriate way:

  • Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is common treatment to cure the lung cancer. In this method, drugs with specific form like cytotoxins especially for cancer cells to disrupt and reduce cancerous cells. The way of medication is with intravenously or orally. The drugs will spread to bloodstream and then go throughout to the body and finally to cancerous cells.

There are some side effects of chemotherapy like vomiting, loss of hair, nausea and loss of appetite. This is common reaction of chemotherapy.

  • Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy is using radiation for lung treatment. Sometimes radiotherapy will be used as combination with surgery. X-ray radiation is common to use as therapy with special machine and dosage.

  • Surgery

Surgery or operation will be chosen by Doctor if the stage of lung cancer still early and do not suffer metastasis to other organs. Surgeon will cancel the operation if the lung cancer has been spreading to other organs in the body. For simple and small nodule, surgery has bigger success about 60%-80%.

  • Other treatments

The other treatment is like green tea or supplements to combat lung cancer. Medical research has found that these treatments are still hard to cure cancer for further stage (Stage 3-4).

I hope this article can be used as literature source if you, your family, relatives or friends have the symptoms or suffering the signs like lung cancer.


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