The Right Exercises of Low back painBackache, flank lower area pain, low back pain is the same abnormality that suffered by people which can disturb their daily activities. Some of them can change their life due to LBP (Low Back Pain).

Some people will do recovery via surgery or operation, physiotherapy treatment, chiropractic ways or the other alternative medication. Many people will be afraid to do operation. Natural ways are one of the solutions which be chosen. It’s safe and also not really painful.

Painkiller can reduce your back pain in temporary but not permanently. At first, you can prevent your back pain at work. Nerve problem is one of the causes of back pain. Beside painkiller, there are also anti inflammation drugs to reduce any swelling around back pain area.

Below are the illustration pictures of step by step how to do Low Back Pain exercises:

Step by step low back pain exercises

Regular exercises at your house are really effective to recover your pain of back spines. Be careful and slowly if you do at home without the Expert behind you.

Please be noticed that some of our patient felt better after doing low back pain exercises. Their body is to be healthier and stronger. Their back spines can be able to function normally and can reduce the pain. The muscle and nerve of vertebre spine are back to normal. It’s your purpose, isn’t it!

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