handling if biten and sting by snakesSnakes are the reptiles which are usually found in the grass, rocky outcrops, under or in the logs dense vegetation, in the leaf, in dense of iron & plastic and also along river. They need the sun to heat their body and hide in the afternoon for cooling down.

Some of snake species will be active during the day, night or in hot weather. Most of them are dangerous animals because they are defense character and will attack you if provoked. They usually do not attack if not threatened. For your notice that they are venomous animals.

Million people are bitten by snakes each year. Many of them die, getting amputation or permanently disabled. Actually not all snakes are venomous but we should be careful because of significant bites. A bite of snakes will take you to emergency medical treatment because they can cause bleeding, paralysis, kidney failure, muscle damages, soft tissue destruction or maybe death.

Below are the steps how to prevent from snakes bites:

  • You should know where they live and hide, watch out if you’re walking after rain, during flood or in the night.
  • Avoid sleeping in the park, tree or in the ground especially on the grass.
  • Use torch or light box if you walk in the night.
  • Avoid put your hands into place with poor of visualized.
  • Climbing in the rocks or piles has to be careful.
  • Many mousses in your area will force the snakes to catch them.
  • Do not work alone in remote sites and catch the snakes.
  • If it’s better to protect your body from snakes like using shoes, long trousers, long sleeve and snake gaiters. Using gloves is better if you work in dangerous area.
  • Do not disturb snakes if you see them.
  • It’s better to make snakes escape and you go back slowly.
  • Keep is safe distance from snake area.

There are the danger signs if you bitten by snakes:

  1. Your skin will be swelling and extends so fast from the bitten site because snakes are the dangerous animal.
  2. Bleeding from the area of bite site.
  3. You will be collapse, vomit, severe headache, heaviness of eyelids and extremely going drowsy.
  4. The urine of victim to be brown.

Victim picture by snakes

What should you do if you bitten by snakes :

  • Take medical treatment as soon as possible because this is very emergency case.
  • Keep calm and avoid much of movement.
  • Your jewelry, ring and other accessories must be removed from your body.
  • Do not wait too long about the symptoms because the implications will be developing and to be deathly attack for further steps.
  • Bring direct the victim to Hospital or clinic is better.
  • You are prohibited to pick up the snakes, wash the bite area, cut the wound and advice the victim to walk because will make the victim getting worse.
  • Do not apply some chemical or drink alcohol/painkiller to relieve this case.

I hope this article would be useful and can be used for you if you have this case someday.

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