Plantar Fasciitis procedure and Effective HealingPlantar region is part of the ankle joint of the leg. This area can be attacked by plantar fasciitis because of some causes like inflammation, trauma history or spur formation.

If you feel the pain on your heel area, you can detect this abnormality with several diagnostic tools as listed below:

  • Heels x-ray : X-Ray Technician can make only one side or both side of the heel or calcaneus bone. There are 2 basic positions of the heel such as lateral projections and axial view. These positions can detect of the heel abnormalities like spur formation, plantar fasciitis, osteoporosis, fracture/broken bone and others.

  • Doppler ultrasound : This examination is not common ultrasound because it can detect any abnormalities of the soft tissue, arteries, veins, thrombosis, thrombus, hypodermis edema and so on.
  • MRI : it’s sophistacated diagnostic tools and effective equipment to check plantar fasciitis and the other diseases.

There are some ways to handle this condition for effective healing such as:

    • Seeing Chiropractic

      Chiropractic is the Specialist that handling the problems and abnormalities related to back spine, bony structure of the human body. They do therapy combinations to heal the patient’s problem. Many patients felt satisfied with Chiropractor if they did the steps of chiropractic therapy.

        • Surgical treatment

          This treatment is taken by patients for the last option due to the persistent of their illness and the standard method of treatment has failed for healing. Surgery or operation will be done by Surgeon with several considerations and will be explained to the patient about the negative impacts.

            • Take a rest or cooling down of your activity

              If you keep going with your activities and will make further worsen of your plantar fasciitis. The activities are like running, strolling up and down or walking along distance.  With cooling down activities would make your plantar fascia to recover itself.

                • Giving the ice

                  Use ice in packed at the back heels for 10-20 minutes for 2-3 times a day will lessen and decrease the persistent inflammation. The other way, you can load with warm water in bathtub for several minutes. This method will alleviate of substantial pain.

                  • Stretching with towel or ball

                  This method is also effective to decrease the heel pain. Stretching the plantar fascia with ball or towel will help prevent the back heel problem to make it recovery.

                  • Take anti inflammation

                  Anti inflammation drugs can ease plantar fasciitis that containing of ibuprofen like Motrin and nurofen. This drug can decrease of irritation of plantar fascia.

                  • Use the right and comfortable footwear

                  Best footwear is very important and vital to ankle and heel stability.

                  Suffering of plantar fasciitis due to plantar fascia inflammation should be treated appropriately to avoid the longer infection.  Health care professional must be involved to your problem healing faster.

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