Bone Mineral Density Test ForMany people are suffering of osteoporosis but they don’t realize it until they get final result with significant health problem.

There are several types of fracture that caused by osteoporosis. This disease can be considered as diminished Bone Mineral Density (BMD).

BMD test is a tool that’s highly recommended by the Doctors or Specialist to assess the condition of bone. There is a dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry scan which usually recognized as BMD Test. This equipment can detect bone density and any fracture risk with using of limited radiation exposure.

By using BMD Test, bone problems are easily detected like osteopenia and osteoporosis. It shows the amount of calcium and other minerals that present within bone structure. Your health can be identified any future bone risk and developing osteoporosis.

The following questions are to be asked by your Doctor before referring to BMD Test:

1. Your medical record of osteoporosis.
2. Taken history of calcium or vitamin D.
3. Any fracture that often occurred
4. Your daily activities, exercises and lifestyle pattern
5. Medication history
6. Menstrual process for women

The other diagnostic tools that commonly used to detect Osteoporosis as follows:

1. X-Ray examination

X-ray test is the best diagnostic tool to determine if any fracture and dislocation, bone loss and the other bony structure. Bony fracture due to osteoporosis can also be detected by x-ray test but it has an disadvantage to detect bone loss if more than 30% suffering depleted and missed to small osteoporosis.

2. CT-Scan

Loss of BMD can be also confirmed by CT-Scan especially by Quantitative Computed Tomography (QCT). This is special test and primarily to assess bony disease conditions.

Early detection of BMD condition is possible to do intervention. It means you are to be careful in action and take some medication treatments to cure in properly steps.

Preventions of bony diseases can be followed as steps below:

1. Doing regular exercises
2. Take regular bone density examination like BMD Test
3. Consume enough calcium
4. Get Vitamin D
5. Consume enough fruits and vegetables.

By doing the above mentioned, your immune system is protected and your bone health is nourished.


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