Video chest x-ray criteriaIn this post I would like to explain via video about normal criteria of chest x-ray. This is very important because many patients or people do not know how differentiate between normal or abnormal of chest x-ray. Most of explanations are concluded from patients.

Chest x-ray is the test which almost people do in their life because of:

  1. Regular medical check-up.
  2. Any symptoms related to unhealthy body or related surrounding region.
  3. Ribs or chest trauma.
  4. Surgery or operation preparation.
  5. Checking before going traveling.
  6. TB Screening by school needs or Doctor’s recommendation.
  7. Other reasons.


In the video will be explained about:

–         Chest x-ray quality criteria that’s elaborated in bad or good quality of

the images.

–         Normal chest x-ray descriptions.

–         All explanations are illustrated by images or pictures.

–         Functions of full inspiration while doing x-ray exposure.

–         Duration average of examination.

–         Basic position or view of chest x-ray

–         Advantages of standing position than lay down.

–         Cardiomegaly or Heart Enlargement measurement

–         What is aortic elongation?

–         The shadow of breast, bowel gas, scapula and other organs.

–         How to distinguish of right diaphragm is higher than left one.

–         How about the sign of sternum and thoracic spine?

–         Also other things that you should know more detailed.

I hope this post is very useful for you, at least giving another view of your opinion about chest x-ray examination. This post is taken base on my experience as Medical expert in Diagnostic field for more than 20 years. Making video is as complementary effort to my visitor of this blog. I also made another info relating chest x-ray problems via eBook. You can check it here.


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