Best Health and Fitness Tips for Kids

Best Health Tips for kidsWhen it comes to keeping a child healthy, there are a lot of options available. Lifelong health and fitness starts early. It is important to practice both healthy eating habits as well as routine physical activity. Remember, as a parent or guardian you are responsible for the health of your child.

Instilling healthy eating habits in your child can seem like a daunting task. However, this can be fairly easy for a parent or guardian with the right approach. First and foremost, consult your paediatrician before drastically altering your child’s diet. Your family doctor can guide you to foods that will be healthy and provide the proper nutrition for a developing child.
From birth to adolescence, your child only has access to the food that you allow them to eat. If you have your home filled with junk food, it is too easy for your child to develop unhealthy eating habits. However, if you have readily available fruits and vegetables for snacks, your child will have no choice but to eat the healthy food.

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Detection of Chronic Sinus Infection

How to Handle Sinus InfectionFeeling problems on the nose should be handled appropriately because it can bother your daily activities and maybe also for your job. Many causes that can consider for this disease, the most problem of your sinus is usually from infection causes.

Acute and chronic infection can attack for your sinus. If you suffer from acute infection, after 1 week medication, the disease will go away but if there is chronic infection, the disease will recur or take time for recovery.

There are 4 sinuses or air-containing cavities located on the head or cranium and situated in the ethmoid. frontal, sphenoid and maxillary sinuses. These sinuses start to develop early in fetal life for everybody until completely developed in the seventeenth or eighteenth year.

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Endoscopy is A Vital Information Diagnostic Tool

What to know about Endoscopy ToolEndoscopy is one of the useful and important tools to diagnose and treat many diseases and abnormalities of the patient’s problems. This tool is very effective way to fulfill the needs of Doctor’s jobs.

For patients, Endoscopy procedure is uncomfortable and little bit pain during examination. So, they must be relax and do not afraid to face the procedure. Nurse and Doctor will tell the patient what they do up to the procedures have been done.

Below are the cases which covered well by Endoscopy:

– Esophagus area up to stomach.

– Small intestine until colon region.

– Abdominal cavity up to fallopian tubes

– Urinary tract and pelvic projections.

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GallBladder Abnormality without Stone Inside

Gall-bladder Problem with no stone insideGall bladder is the small organ that located down of the liver which holding the bile to remove water and also to decrease the pH less than 7. The contour of this organ is like pear about 8 cm in diameter. Gall bladder can construct base on the fat digestion.

Gall stones is also called Cholelithiasis that caused by cholesterol build-up with addition of calcium bilirubate. It’s vulnerable attacked due to inflammation process.

The problems of gallbladder are not only from stone but also from other diseases like:

Cholecystitis : The inflammatory process within the gall bladder or bile duct

– Gall bladder can suffer from diseases because of fairly dry inside due to an age, diabetes, pregnancy stage, pancreatitis/pancreas problems, chirrocis, obesity factor and hormonal contraception.

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MRI as Diagnostic ToolEvery patient who comes to Medical Centers needs the accurate diagnostic tools to treat her or his disease or abnormality. The right diagnosis would speed-up the recovery process of his illness. For your notice that every problem has the different treatment including in diagnostic equipment usage.

In this moment, I would like to explain about medical imaging like x-ray, CT-Scan and MRI. X-ray equipment is simpler and cheaper tool compared with CT-Scan and MRI but it’s very accurate to detect any abnormalities of bony structure, fracture and dislocation, bony island and something related with bone area.

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How to make Extremities X-ray for Normal Patients?

SOP for x-ray extremityX-ray examinations for extremities are often taken in Hospital. There are 2 categories of extremities including the lower and upper parts.

The lower regions like foot, ankle, lower leg, knee, thigh area and the upper parts such as hand, wrist, lower arm, elbow and humerus. Both of them can be both sides (right and left).

We call it extremity because these organs can be used for rotating, moving or flexibility functions. Their role in the human body is really vital and important, so it’s vulnerable for fracture and dislocation, spur formations or calcification, arthrosisosteoporosis and the other abnormalities. Trauma and aging factors are also the main reasons why they can get more trouble.

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SOP of Abdominal x-ray for adult patientWe admitted that chest x-ray is the often radiological test. Besides that, abdominal x-ray is also important to be known especially for new visitors and new x-ray patients.

The purpose of knowing SOP of abdominal x-ray as follows:

– It’s important to minimize radiation exposure and x-ray repetition by X-Ray Technician.

– To avoid miscommunication between patient and Radiographer.

– You should understand what X-ray Tech has to do.

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Info and Functions of CT-Scan

Functions of CT-ScanCT-Scan is one of the high technology diagnostic tools in the medical center which takes the images from cross-sectional of the patient’s body. This tool is the combination between using x-ray radiation exposure and computer technology to produce the sliced images of the body from lower abdomen up to head region.

In the past we call it “Computed Tomography”. It was discovered by 2 British engineers Sir Godfrey Hounsfield and Dr. Alan Cormack and then developed by Italian Radiologist in 1900s with the goal to capture the images from the body in cross-sectional projections on the film. This application then developed more sophisticated in 1970s.

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Standard Operating Procedure of Chest X-ray for Normal PatientMany people will go to Hospital or Clinic because of some reasons such as:

– Doing Medical Check-up.

– Any urgent conditions like accidents, trauma, suspect fracture or dislocation, chest pain, short of birth and so on.

– To cure any diseases or abnormalities like surgery and operation.

– To find second opinion for medical matters.

– To do some diagnostic and laboratory examinations.

– Any program of Clinic Tour.

– Health consultations.

– To buy Medical kits like First Aid Kits, Burning Emergency Kits, Traveler’s Kits and so on.

– Doing medical and health training programs for example Occupational Health Program, First Aid Training and so on.

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How to do the Effective Scoliosis Exercises

Right Scoliosis exercisesScoliosis is one of the abnormalities of vertebre spines that happen because the spine is not straight or not normal alignment. It can be detected well after you have taken chest x-ray examination or vertebre spines tests. Back spine can be scoliosis from cervical (neck), thoracal or lumbar spines. The alignment and spaces of bones are clearly seen after changed to bony structure.

Someone who suffers scoliosis need recovery in natural ways such as scoliosis exercises. In this post, I would like to describe the right exercise in 4 steps. You can do this exercise at home, office or other comfortable places. I’m sure after you practiced these 4 steps in correctly, your mild up to medium levels of your scoliosis which you suffered would be better.

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Doing the Right Exercises to Recover from Low Back Pain

The Right Exercises of Low back painBackache, flank lower area pain, low back pain is the same abnormality that suffered by people which can disturb their daily activities. Some of them can change their life due to LBP (Low Back Pain).

Some people will do recovery via surgery or operation, physiotherapy treatment, chiropractic ways or the other alternative medication. Many people will be afraid to do operation. Natural ways are one of the solutions which be chosen. It’s safe and also not really painful.

Painkiller can reduce your back pain in temporary but not permanently. At first, you can prevent your back pain at work. Nerve problem is one of the causes of back pain. Beside painkiller, there are also anti inflammation drugs to reduce any swelling around back pain area.

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Info of Deep Vein ThrombosisDVT is also known as Deep Vein Thrombosis and usually attacking on the legs of the people. This condition happen because the blood clot (Thrombus) on the 1 or more veins within the lower extremities.

Actually this disease is dangerous if not treated properly because it can cause very painful in your legs and sometimes makes clot without symptoms.

Common Causes of Deep Vein Thrombosis:

1. If you sit down in one position for long time. This can occur if you do traveling by your car, plane or train.

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