Laboratory Test to Check Cancer Risk

Laboratory Test for tumor MarkerThe word “Cancer” will make everyone scared! Sometimes it become them socked and down. Do you have any experience hearing you or your friends about this? Treat this matter with wise way and follow the right procedure which Doctor’s recommended.

Diagnose of cancer or malignancy disease will be followed with some steps further to ensure it’s really cancer or not. Every patient would require some tests like diagnostic checking and laboratory services. Diagnostic tools are like ultrasound, x-ray procedure, MRI, CT-Scan, Mammogram for breast cancer suspicious and others.

The laboratory test services such as blood test, urine analysis and tumor marker. Blood test is the first important thing in clinically to detect of the patient’s amount of white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets. Oxygen transportation to different part of the human body will be shown by red blood cells.

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Video, How to Know Normal Chest X-ray Criteria

Video chest x-ray criteriaIn this post I would like to explain via video about normal criteria of chest x-ray. This is very important because many patients or people do not know how differentiate between normal or abnormal of chest x-ray. Most of explanations are concluded from patients.

Chest x-ray is the test which almost people do in their life because of:

  1. Regular medical check-up.
  2. Any symptoms related to unhealthy body or related surrounding region.
  3. Ribs or chest trauma.
  4. Surgery or operation preparation.
  5. Checking before going traveling.
  6. TB Screening by school needs or Doctor’s recommendation.
  7. Other reasons.

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Awareness of Breast Cancer Starting Now

Be aware of Breast CancerBreast cancer is the dangerous disease for the women besides uterine cancer. Base on the World Health Organization (WHO) data, there are millions of people death due to breast cancer every year.

Developing countries have suffered more than developed countries because of better medical treatment and awareness of better health life.

Women should be aware about their breast condition. The older of their age will increase of the breast cancer risk. Breast health knowledge and regular check up are very important to anticipate the worse impact of breast cancer.

This disease can be treated if detected in early stage. Below is the medical diagnostic equipment for detecting the breast cancer:

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The Functions of Breast Ultrasound

Function of breast scanningWomen who have ages more than 30s should check their breast condition as breast cancer screening or other abnormalities.

Any focal symptoms also which you should concern like unusual lump, or pain on the breast and axillary regions.

Breast ultrasound is one of the medical diagnostic tools that you can choose because it proved as 95% sensitivity for cancer or other diseases detections. Tumors, lump, cyst, lymphadenopathy are also effective to be identified.

Breast ultrasound is to be the first choice because, it’s invasive procedure (just little pressing the skin and not pierced) and quick image result. The other advantages, it can access blood flow with color Doppler ultrasound inside the breast and not using of x-ray radiation.

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Specific Diseases Info of Women Health

Women health info on specific diseasesWomen or mothers should be concerning seriously about their health. Health concern of women is different from men.

Female health is facing the variety of specific challenges starting from baby up to menopause stage.

Men are compared with women resulted that women are more likely to suffer migraine headache, experience depression,  live longer and further impacts of osteoporosis, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

Women are also less likely to die from injury, lose from their hearing and skip from preventive health screening. The warnings of these issues are to be concern about the fit health and protected from another abnormalities.

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Plantar Fasciitis Procedure and Effective Healing

Plantar Fasciitis procedure and Effective HealingPlantar region is part of the ankle joint of the leg. This area can be attacked by plantar fasciitis because of some causes like inflammation, trauma history or spur formation.

If you feel the pain on your heel area, you can detect this abnormality with several diagnostic tools as listed below:

  • Heels x-ray : X-Ray Technician can make only one side or both side of the heel or calcaneus bone. There are 2 basic positions of the heel such as lateral projections and axial view. These positions can detect of the heel abnormalities like spur formation, plantar fasciitis, osteoporosis, fracture/broken bone and others.

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What should You Know about Cardiovascular Disease?

Information about cardiovascular diseaseYou should aware about the causes, treatment and the prevention of this disease because it’s categorized as emergency situation.

If you don’t take care appropriately, it would be a dangerous situation for your life. In this post I will explain more detail information about cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular disease is also known as CVD is diseases group that related with heart and circulation that involving the role of atherosclerosis. This condition causes of reduced blood flow within arteries. CVD is caused by this condition.

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Awareness of Health Effects of Smoking

Health Bad Effects of SmokingSmoking is one of the ways to get fun and getting away from life problems. Awareness of its risk is very good thing. Many lifestyle diseases increase due to the addicted of smoking users.

Smoking and cancer is very close relationship. Many body organs are from smoking bad effects and causes cancer on your mouth, larynx. esophagus, blood, lung, stomach, kidneys, cervix, throat and also the bladder.

Please be noted that smoking effects are also affects for your appearance such as: yellow eyes, bad breath, hollowed cheeks, smelly cloths, yellow teeth, smelly hair, early wrinkles, hair loss, tooth loss and graying skin. If your job related to your best appearance, to be smoker is not the good choice.

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Ultrasound is to Diagnose Health Disorders

Ultrasound for health disordersUltrasound is the same function with x-ray to diagnose health disorders for the patients. X-ray is using radiation exposure but ultrasound is really safe because it’s not using radiation.

This device uses high frequency sound waves to produce some images of patient’s body internal organs.

Ultrasound or well-known as Sonography is very important machine in detecting many diseases and abnormality within abdomen, pelvic, extremities, thyroid, head, soft-tissue, testicles, breast and the other regions of the body.

Abdominal and pelvic ultrasound is commonly option to be checked by Doctor or Specialist to ensure the organs are healthy without diseases such as liver, gall bladder, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, urinary bladder, uterus and both adnexa for female patient and prostate for male patient. Combination test with laboratory is the good solution to get the right diagnosis.

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What is the Meaning of Medical Malpractice?

Medical Malpractice informationPerhaps one of you has felt malpractice from the Doctors. It can be mild, moderate or severe category. In this moment, I would like to explain about medical malpractice and ensuring whether your experience that mentioned before is categorized as medical malpractice or not.

Definition of medical malpractice is as negligence by Doctor or Specialist or other medical profession in the treatment or diagnosis for their patients when medical care is below of medical standard procedures of the institution so it may be categorized as malpractice.

If malpractice occurred to the victim or patient family, they must get ample compensation depend on the Government regulation or authorized institution. Every patient must understand well about medical procedure that listed by medical institution.

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xray radiation shielding infoRadiation is a hazard for people health that related to any cancer or tumour and other sickness. In this moment I would like to talk about x-ray radiation which can be managed and minimized for minimal impacts purposes.

Radiation facilities are not only used by Medical field but also by industries and Public facilities like in Airport to detect anything that restricted and forbidden by Government regulations. Police and Narcotic Agency are the other Department that using x-ray radiation for special purposes.

Almost Medical Center or Hospital worldwide have radiology or x-ray facilities that using x-ray radiation for diagnostic purposes. That’s why radiation protection for x-ray patients is really concerned to make patient, family and environment safety and secured.

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Handle Chest trauma causes and symptomsChest trauma is categorized as severe injury and of course needs medical emergency because it becomes serious problems.

Chest area is covered by strong cage is known as ribs. It can protect the most important organ inside like heart and respiratory system.

Most of injury will attack of ribs. So it can be mentioned as rib trauma. Many people don’t know much about chest trauma in detailed related to its cause, symptoms or how to treat it properly. Following is the medical information to answer the questions.

Below are the Causes of chest trauma:

– Vehicle accident due to street, sport and playing activities.

– Any foreign body penetration or infiltration to the chest area.

– Chest wall bruises that influences of ribs soft tissue injury.

– Ribs fracture or broken by any causes of injury like sport accident.

– Lung and heart contusions.

– Physical trauma of the chest

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