Important Information of Mother Health

Mother health important informationBecome a mother has changed whole of her life that she has never imagined before. The first step of your task is to manage and control of your health.

Actually it’s a wonderful experience for mother to feel and take everything like:

– Handling her children starting baby up to growing to adult and keep them healthy not just physically but also mentally.

– Bringing them up to environment stability until emotionally mature.

– Keeping mother herself in healthy and wellness issue for many years.

– Having step by step programs for your next generation.

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What is the Function of Radiotherapy?

radiotherapy informationMost patients know about radiology or x-ray but it’s a little understood about radiotherapy. Almost x-ray is used as diagnostic tools in Medical Centers such as conventional x-ray, CT-Scan, mammography, dental x-ray, panoramic and other examinations tests.

Radiotherapy is an energy x-ray that targeted to cure and kill cancer cells of specific area that harms for the patient’s body. Unharmed area will be avoided so it can minimize the negative side effects. This therapy model is more accurate than chemotherapy as cancer treatment.

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You Should Know About Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy Liquid InjectionChemotherapy is rarely heard by people or patients if they are healthy. They will ask and search the information about

chemotherapy if they suffered a cancer. This therapy will be chose by them as the last effort after the painless medications failed to cure their cancer. Chemotherapy is mentioned just “Chemo”.

Please be noted that chemotherapy is the type of cancer treatment to kill the cancer cells and to stop cancer cells from spreading to other parts of your body. The main purpose is to localize the destroyed effects of the cancer. Cancer cell is also known as malignant cells.

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What do You Get From Spirometry Test?

Spirometry TestSpirometry is a test for checking your lung and pulmonary functions. This medical diagnostic tool is also effective way to diagnose the other abnormalities related respiratory system like asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, cystic lesion and persistent breathing disorder. Severe difficult to breath is categorized as emergency situation.

Spirometer as a tool of spirometry will show the graph displayed as spirogram. A curve of the test result will set the volume of air on the Y-axis and in second on the X-axis. This both axis also provide the flow of volume loop that display the volume of inhaled or exhaled time.

The procedure of spirometry is patient to be requested to inhale in the deepest breath as long he possible and will breathe out into the port of sensing in the spirometer. Sometimes he does the fast inhale.

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What is BMD Test For?

Bone Mineral Density Test ForMany people are suffering of osteoporosis but they don’t realize it until they get final result with significant health problem.

There are several types of fracture that caused by osteoporosis. This disease can be considered as diminished Bone Mineral Density (BMD).

BMD test is a tool that’s highly recommended by the Doctors or Specialist to assess the condition of bone. There is a dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry scan which usually recognized as BMD Test. This equipment can detect bone density and any fracture risk with using of limited radiation exposure.

By using BMD Test, bone problems are easily detected like osteopenia and osteoporosis. It shows the amount of calcium and other minerals that present within bone structure. Your health can be identified any future bone risk and developing osteoporosis.

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You Should Have First Aid Kits

First Aid Kit for Emergency CaseFirst Aid Kits are necessary for everyone to anticipate any emergency cases at home, working area or traveling time. Every tool is designed to provide emergency assistance that needed by individual, family or people group wherever or whenever.

There are also available some guidance lists that supporting the victims against injury or trauma steps. Having First Aid Training is better to handle a variety of accidents. Choose the right kits that suitable to your needs.

You should have well consideration in identifying the right kits that you need like:

1. Handiness: It means the kit can be brought without the hassles.

2. Accessibility: It means the kit can be opened easily.

3. Size: It means the items can be carried in well-organized and easy for interchange between them.

4. Durability: It means all contents strong enough and not expired date.

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How to Handle Emergency Situation?

Handling in emergency situationMany people have experience in emergency situation at home, at work or outdoor area. Most of them cannot handle and anticipate it and finally some of them become deathly attack.

Hopefully you can help anybody who is suffering this condition at least for first aid step. Everything should be intended to help for our family such as our spouse, children and relatives that closed to our relationship.

Many things that categorized as emergency situations to someone like ribs trauma, gall-bladder stone colic, broken legs, getting poisoning, head trauma, colic of appendicitis, chest pain attack, soft tissue injury, stroke attack, broken nose case and many other things.

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You Should Know the Effects of Stroke

Understand of dangerous stroke effectsEverybody must be aware about stroke effect. This disease is very dangerous like cancer and heart attack. It causes of death because most of people do not know how to anticipate it in advance.

Bad effects of stroke can happen oppositely such as if your stroke attacked on the right side of your brain and will resulted disability or impairment on the left side of your body.

If you understand well about the symptoms and facts of stroke at least can minimize or help the deathly effects. All information also make you’re more cautious especially for the initial steps of stroke like hypertension, high intra-cranial tension and taking sport overly. You must avoid Cerebrovascular accident.

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Complete Info of blocked carotid arteriesAre blocked carotid arteries really dangerous? Yes of course if it’s not treated well. This disease will have impact of significantly risk of stroke, brain damage and suddenly death.

Stroke alone have killed most people in the world like heart disease. The older people have the higher risk of the stroke and a leading cause of elderly disability.

There are some symptoms of blocked carotid arteries such as:

1. Early symptom is mini stroke that caused by insufficient oxygenated blood to the brain. It’s important to doing regular medical check-up to help detect deterioration of carotid arteries function.

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Information and Function of ECG TestEchocardiography or ECG is one of the important diagnostic tools in the Medical Center in the world and well-known as live saving device.

This tool is to test electrical activity of the heart by using conductive leads around 10 or 12. External equipment that located in the chest, arms and legs areas is mentioned as small adhesive pads.

This procedure doesn’t make painful for the people who undergo ECG test but they will feel a little bit pain or discomfort if it’s removed from their skin. The other advantages are safe, inexpensive, simple and non-invasive. This device is also proper test for the children.

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Endometriosis Risks That You Should Know

Info of Endometriosis risksMany women cannot realize that they suffer from Endometriosis until they have some complaints about their lower area of pelvis. They will feel painful condition because their Endometrial tissue which lining their uterus appear around pelvic cavity. Reproductive system will be affected and contributing to infertility cases due to endometriosis.

Endometriosis can destroy peritoneum cavity within pelvic area including fallopians tube, ovaries and also ligament which supporting the uterus. The response of menstrual cycle is disturbed by this condition such as any bleeding, breaks and dense. But for some cases, it can expel during menstruation period every month.

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Complete Info of COPD Diseases

How to Handle COPD DiseasesCOPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is the illness that becomes dangerous worldwide in the nowadays.

There are two kinds of COPD suffered by the people such as Bronchitis and Emphysema. Both of them attack respiratory tract.

These diseases can damage your lung and airways with feeling of difficult to catch the breathing. Chronic Bronchitis can occur if the bronchial tubes are inflamed or the airways clogged by the mucus or inflammation. Meanwhile Emphysema occurs in the lungs when the small air sacs are destroyed or cannot absorb air.

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